20 Weeks Pregnant-Pictures, Belly, What to Expect

Wow, you’re 20 weeks pregnant and you’re already halfway there. Gone are those weeks of fatigue and morning sickness. From this week forward you’ll regain your energy and enjoy your pregnancy more.

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By this week, it’s possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat through a special stethoscope. Or your partner can place his ear at your lower abdomen, and if you’re lucky your partner can hear your baby’s tiny rhythmic heartbeats.

20 weeks pregnant, what to expect

At this point of 20 weeks pregnant, you’re expected to gain at least 8 to 10 pounds. Your uterus would probably be right up to your belly button which can put a lot of pressure in your abdomen causing your belly button to pop out. This pressure can sometimes cause a bit of breathlessness but is nothing to worry about.

As your belly continues to stretch, your body’s center of gravity also changes. You’ll notice that you’ll begin to slouch a bit. Thus, you need to be careful because this might lead to back problems. To help alleviate these back pains, sleep on your side and put some supporting pillows at your back, tummy and legs. You’ll probably notice that you are beginning to feel an itch on your tummy, so be careful and watch out for stretch marks. No matter how much oils and creams you apply, the itch would still be there but this should not concern you as stretch marks are totally preventable.

You’ll also notice a dark line right below your belly button running down your abdomen. This dark line is called linea alba. This is perfectly normal as this line has already existed since you were born. The line is just light colored which makes it invisible to see. The hormonal changes during pregnancy cause this line to darken and become more visible.

Baby’s Changes

When you’re 20 weeks pregnant, your baby will measure an average of 6.4 inches or 16.5 centimeters; and weigh around 9 ounces. Heartbeats are getting stronger; and by this time the parents can check for the baby’s gender.

Your baby’s body will now be covered with fine hair called lanugo and a white waxy substance called vernix. These will help protect your baby’s skin and will give him/her a smooth and baby soft skin after he/she is born.

Your baby would now be moving a lot; twisting, turning, punching and kicking. However, no matter how much it moves, you won’t feel anything much yet. The fetus’ senses are also beginning to develop. They definitely can hear sounds now so be careful not to startle the baby especially when listening to loud music. Your baby can now familiarize your voice, so if you want to talk or sing lullaby to it, the baby can sure hear them all.

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20 weeks pregnant diet

Back pains, tummy itch, constipation, and indigestion are common occurrence now. Hence, you must keep yourself hydrated and stay away from caffeinated drinks. They are not just bad for the baby, but they make you dehydrated as well.

At 20 weeks pregnant, make sure you are getting enough iron supplements. Take your vitamins and eat more foods rich in iron like meat, fish, spinach and poultry. This is the time you get to enjoy every minute of being pregnant. if you still feel unsure about your baby’s development, talk it out with your doctor.

20 weeks pregnant belly pictures, ultrasound

Find out about 20 weeeks pregnant pictures, belly and how a baby looks when a woman is 20 weeks pregnant

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