22 Weeks Pregnant Pictures

At 22 weeks pregnant, you can feel a great difference in your womb, both in size and in weight. At this point, your baby has grown to about 11 inches and weighs around 15 ounces depending on how well you’ve been feeding yourself and your baby.

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A pregnant woman usually feels comfortable with her body when she’s already 22 weeks pregnant. At this point, nausea and vomiting has already ceased for many women and they can start to focus on more important things like the upcoming birth of the baby and how they will take care of the baby when he/she will finally comes out of the womb. A pregnant mom-to-be usually gets inspired to buy baby stuff at this point because this is the time when the baby starts kicking and moving around the womb.

22 weeks pregnant weight gain

Gaining weight in the belly is common and the more weight you gain in the body, you are more to retain twice as much after the baby is born. Also women who gain weight excessively and do not lose that extra pounds in six months post giving birth are more prone to being obese after ten years. How much do you gain weight in the 22nd week of pregnancy? It depends on what the doctor tells you to keep as your pregnancy weight gain aim. For instance, if you are supposed to gain 35 pounds in total in your pregnancy, you may have gained anywhere between 12 to 16 pounds by the 22nd week of pregnancy.If you have gone ahead of that before the 22nd week, you may have to go slow. You can talk to your doctor in detail about how you intend to gain weight and lose it post pregnancy.

22 weeks pregnant is how many months?

A woman is 5 or 51/2 months pregnant on completion of 22 weeks. Here is what Dr. Melanie Peters from a pre-natal care hospital in California says, aludding to weeks and months for pregnancy

1-4 weeks= 1 month
5-8 weeks= 2 month
9-12 weeks= 3 month
13-17 weeks= 4 month
18-22 weeks= 5 month
23-27 weeks= 6 months
28-32 weeks= 7 months
33-36 weeks = 8 months
36-40 weeks= 9 months

Baby’s Development at 22 Weeks Pregnant

At 22 weeks pregnant, the baby’s features are now visible and more distinct as can be seen on the ultrasound. The bridge of the nose has not yet formed though, and resembles a tiny button instead. The eyebrows, at 22 weeks pregnant are fully developed; and so is the bone marrow, so the baby can now produce red blood cells.

At 22 weeks pregnant, the baby has gained much in size and weight as aforementioned. This is the most crucial part of the pregnancy because at 22 weeks pregnant, the baby would undergo development and growth. The essential organs such as the liver are now fast developing. The same holds true for the brain and the sensory nerves. The pancreas, however, is also developing but at a much slower rate. The eyes, eyelids, eyebrows and the lips become more visible at 22 weeks pregnant. The tooth buds are now also formed under the gum line. However, the iris still has not developed and the skin may still appear wrinkled due to the amniotic fluid. At 22 weeks pregnant, baby begins to move its arms and legs.

Pregnancy Tips for Mothers who are 22 Weeks Pregnant

• Eat small frequent healthy meals to prevent heartburn and gastro intestinal problems. Avoid eating too much or eating too fast. This way, your stomach would have more time to digest the food you are eating, hence, preventing the irritating problems from occurring.

• Constipation is common for women who are 22 weeks pregnant. Constant drinking of water can help prevent this from happening. Aside from that, 8 glasses of water a day keeps you healthy.

• Back pain is also common; in order to manage this, it is essential to do daily exercises such as walking and stretching. If it is not enough for you, seeking a professional to conduct chiropractic care is recommended.

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• At 22 weeks, it is important to bond with the baby. Talking to them, reading them a book and even singing to them is good. Stroking one’s belly would also comfort your baby inside your womb.

• Apply lotion on your belly and rub this in circular motion. This would help you prevent the stretch marks from appearing or reduce their visibility.

At 22 weeks pregnant, you can start to enjoy your pregnancy. While at it, you should enjoy every minute of it. This is the best time to bond with your loved ones, your baby and your better half. Pregnancy is good news, it brings great blessings so enjoy every minute of it.

22 weeks Pregnant Pictures

Here are photos of 22 weeks pregnancy including ultrasound and pictures of 22 weeks pregnant belly with twins.

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