25 ways to healthy living

1. Do not tax your mind. Live for the present. God has called it present because he has “gifted” it for us so that we live it up with full zest. Do not mull over what happened in the past or worry about future You may find it difficult to stop negative thoughts totally, but with time and dedication, you will be able to train your mind to focus on the present naturally.

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2. Make a daily ritual where you take 20 to 30 minutes for any activity that you take pleasure in and find relaxing. Listen to your favorite album, have a cup of tea, watch a favorite scene from a movie that you like.

3. Pamper yourself. Do not keep yourself out of happiness. You will generously give only if you are happy with yourself. Meet your needs before you give others.

4. Change with times. One of the easiest ways to deal with tough situations is to change the way we think about it. Living a healthy life often means challenging our old patterns of thinking and working

5. Mediate for wellness: Meditation may differ from person to person. For some, it is Yoga, for some it is chatting. For some it is going on the rooftop and spending some times of solitude.
Meditating makes your mind cool, tension free, so that you can think laterally as well.

6. Be balanced physically and spiritually. There are folks who are spiritually inclined, but ignore the body.There are some who build their bodies but are not happy from within because they do not focus on the needs of the soul.

7. Physical and emotional pain can benefit you as well because it gives you a purpose in life and lets you know about something that is amiss. Take it is a sign that you have been aware and need to do something to reduce or remove the pain.

8. Crying: Tears that emerge from sadness or happiness can lessen the emotional tension. Crying is definitely not a sign of weakness. It is manly to cry. It is feminine to shed tears.

9. Forgive others and yourself. Don’t beat yourself if you have said something that hurt others or made them angry. Forgive yourself and move ahead. Also forgive others because blaming others never made anyone happy.

10. If you are dieting you need to repeatedly energize your body. This means a minimum of four but preferably six meals each day. This way you will have the power to exercise and won’t crave for large, unhealthy meals.

11. If you think you can lose weight and shed off all fat by avoiding all fats, you are sadly incorrect. Your body needs fat to survive! This is why the scientists call them essential fatty acids-Omegas 3, 6, 9 etc.So,make sure you put fast back into your dietary plan.

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12. Even if we are not hungry, most of us tend to finish our meals in just 10 minutes. The thing is that our brain does not register that the stomach is full until 20 minutes after it is actually full.
So you should take less food while it is being served, see if you are feeling food, rather than take a whole large plate of food and eventually waste it or eat it with guilt-laden frame of mind. Eating slow is the key. You can also try an Omega 3 supplement 20 minutes before consuming a meal.

13. Break your diet plan a bit: Don’t completely cut yourself from the foods that you like, even if they tend to increase weight. Losing weight shouldn’t be an agony for anybody. Sample an ice-cream or dark chocolate once a week.

14. To develop your eating habits, you first have to know what’s wrong with them. Write down everything you eat for 3 days. Then check your list. Do you add a lot of cheese, butter, creamy sauces or salad dressing? Rather cutting these foods totally from your diet, just cut back on their portions.

15. Don’t make an instant change to healthy diet. Your body may not be conditioned to accept the drastic dietary change. Make modest changes in your way to good diet. So instead of skimmed milk, go for low-fat milk.

16. Eat a healthy breakfast at home possibly before you venture out. If you forego breakfast, there is a sure chance of you being tempted enough to eat junk food at the food mall.

17. What if you go to a party or go for a nightout with friend and pig your heart out? No sweat, the next day, get back yourself on healthy eating. Messing up your dietary plans is fine once in a while but don’t make it a habit.

18. Avoid junk food. Processed and fatty food are bad for health. Period.

19. Do not skip meals. One of the reasons for hypertension, heart diseases is lack of immunity. This happens when there are undue gaps in meals. Eat your meals on time.

20. Keep a track of your daily consumption of water. No fruit juice can substitute water, even if the former is also a healthy option.

21. Don’t take vitamin tablets without consulting the doctor. For instance, vitamin B tablets are soluble in wter and can be automatically flushed away from your system, but it may not work in the case of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Do not self-medicate when it comes to vitamin tablets.

22. Exercise your mind: A fit body compliments an agile mind. Train your mind to become active by playing mind puzzles, reading, thinking laterally.

23. Do not work out without warm-ups: The reason why you get a hamstring pulled or pain in the muscle after a work-out is due to lack of or less warm ups. Warm-ups are important to reduce the risk of muscle pain and joint pain.

24. Be positive: Associate with positive people, smile and laugh a lot . Increase your charismatic quotient. Join a dramatics or personality development workshop. Be in the limelight and make the best of it.

25. Take a walk: Go to a garden or beach during the evenings. Enjoy nature and do not hound yourself with work, work and nothing but work.

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