28 weeks pregnant-what to expect, pictures

28 weeks pregnant is the time when the mother finally hits her third trimester of pregnancy. Great changes are now observed physically both for the mother and the baby. An average of 11 pounds weight gain would be typically observed and a big round belly would now attest to your baby’s great development inside your womb. The baby’s movements will now be felt more distinctively and its sense of hearing is more developed, so this is the best time to read stories to your baby and to let him/her hear you sing. But if you’re not a good singer or not comfortable doing it, a good music from your player will do. At 28 weeks pregnant, the bond between the baby and the mother is stronger than ever.

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The Baby at 28 Weeks

The baby at this point has now made some dynamic developments. His/her eyes can now partially open and even blink and will now develop color. However, eye color can still change at 9 months old so it is best to wait rather than make assumptions. The average length of the baby now is 14.8 inches long and weighs around 2.3 pounds. Keep in mind though that these measurements are just average estimates and may vary. The baby’s skin is now less wrinkly due to more fats that had accumulated on the skin. If you look closely at the ultrasound image, you would also notice the cute formation of the baby’s fingernails. Furthermore, at this time, the baby’s brain has slightly matured. The hair is now visible on the head; the same thing is true for the lashes and eyebrows. But this may vary as some babies are born bald; but rest assured that hair will grow in no time. Some babies are positioned head down at 28 weeks, or also known as cephalic position. At this stage, likewise, the baby’s yawns come more often and so do the movements.

28 Weeks Pregnant what to expect

At 28 weeks pregnant, the mother will often feel her baby’s kicks. And at this point, the uterus will now be 3 inches above your navel. At some point, it may feel uncomfortable but exercises like walking would help ease the discomfort. Experiencing shortness of breath is also quite common as this stage due to the fact that the growing uterus may suppress your diaphragm. Proper breathing exercises recommended by your doctor would help ease this problem. Because your belly is growing bigger and heavier, it is but normal to feel episodes of backaches considering the weight you are carrying. And finally, you would often feel tired or fatigued; hence, you should get ample rest or naps in the afternoons to remedy this.

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What to do at 28 Weeks Pregnant

As an expectant mother, you should get your blood work done at this point to determine if you are Rh negative. If you are, it is advisable that you be given a shot of RhoGAM or Rh immunoglobulin. This would help prevent future complications with the baby. A glucose screening test is also advisable to monitor your blood sugar and to determine if you have developed gestational diabetes.

At 28 weeks pregnant, big changes are now evident with the mother as well as the baby. It is the right time to prepare for the coming of your little angel so take extra care by eating right, live a healthy life and bond with your baby.

28 weeks pregnant pictures

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