33 Weeks Pregnant-what to expect, pictures

At 33 weeks pregnant, you’ll only have about 8 short weeks to go before the big day. This would be a great time to shop for the baby’s clothes and maybe buy more maternity clothes for yourself as well. Your tummy would continue to get bigger each week. You are probably very excited and scared at the same time, but don’t worry as this is perfectly normal. And if you’re worried about what’s happening to you and your baby when you reach the 33 weeks pregnant period and the weeks that follow, read on.

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33 weeks pregnant symptoms

As the baby fills out more of your womb, many things will start to change. The very obvious change is of course, your big belly. By this time you’ll definitely have a hard time looking for a comfortable sitting position, sleeping position, or moving around. And at times you might feel some numbness, tingling, or dull ache on your wrists, hands, and fingers. You might also find your feet and ankles a little swollen especially at the end of the day. This is what we call edema. Edema is due to the increased pressure on the carpal tunnel and the nerves might end up being pinched which causes slow blood circulation and leads to numbness or swelling. If you find this uncomfortable, you can do some hand or feet stretching or prop your arm on a pillow while resting, or elevate your legs. However, when the swelling becomes severe, call your doctor immediately for it may be a sign of another serious condition called pre-eclampsia.

At this time you might also feel some false contractions; you’ll feel some tightening in the abdomen. These contractions are called Braxton Hicks. They are the body’s way of gearing up for the real thing. Relief from these contractions can be achieved by lying down and putting your feet up until it goes away.

33 weeks pregnant and baby weight

At this week your baby will weigh an average of 4.2 pounds or 2 kilograms and measures 17 inches or 44 centimeters from the head to toe. Your baby’s lungs are almost completely developed and the baby can even detect light and can differentiate night from day. If you shine a light on your tummy, your baby’s pupils will dilate and constrict and they probably might shy away too.

The baby’s skull would still be a little soft but this is normal so the baby can easily ease out from the mother’s birth canal. As for the rest of the baby’s bones, they will continue to harden and the baby’s skin will also become less wrinkled and the color will turn pink from red.

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33 weeks pregnant, what to expect

At 33 weeks pregnant you probably are too eager to buy things for your baby and now’s the right time since you are just a few weeks away and you’ll never know what will happen anytime so better be ready for anything. Pack your labor bag and have it ready anytime you need to head to the hospital. Have all other things ready as well, from your hospital accommodations to your baby’s room. If you’re scared about the labor pain, enroll in childbirth classes. It is a class designed for pregnant moms to teach them techniques on how to manage and reduce labor pains and guide them on the different childbirth methods.

33 weeks pregnant pictures

Check out 33 weeks pregnant pictures of  Nicole Kidman, 33 weeks pregnant belly and ultrasound showing baby’s growth.

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