What Does Dental Insurance Cover? Dental Insurance and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Insurance does not cover certain cosmetic dentistry procedures, some of which are listed as under:
1. Porcelain veneers, when placed in the beginning because the motive is purely aesthetic. However, if the original veneers has been damaged then dental insurance can cover replacement porcelain veneers. There is a condition in dental insurance contracts that mandates that the company has to give monetary compensation for replacement of defective dental procedure and the said information is documented.
2. Tooth whitening procedure or bleaching is also denied by your insurance. Dental whitening is a cosmetic procedure.
3. Dental bonding that is done to correct a gap between your teeth, when done for the first time is not covered by dental insurance.

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What part of cosmetic dentistry can dental insurance cover?

Braces done as an orthodontic procedure to straighten your teeth are covered by dental plans. This is an optional coverage that you can choose when you fill the insurance form. If your dental insurance plans has the facility of orthodontic coverage, you should get porcelain veneers covered instead of braces. To work out the problem of not getting compensation for porcelain veneer when you make a claim, you should first submit all documents that are needed for approval of orthodontic coverage. Once this is approved, you have to send another estimate stating that you have agreed to go for porcelain veneers instead of braces. The dental insurance company may approve of veneers in these conditions.

Dental Insurance covers damage to the front tooth, an injury, accident or repair after injury that goes wrong. Also do not ignore other insurance plans. Health insurance plans can also cover the repair of an injury. You can also take advantage of Workmen’s Compensation Plans that covers the site on which the injury may have taken place.

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