5 Factor Diet Review:Pros and Cons

From today at My Healthy Feeling, we will review diet plans along with the regular posts. Keep in touch. Today we talk about 5 Factor Diet.

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The 5 Factor Diet Is a health and fitness program designed by celeb fitness expert, Harley Pasternak, for a healthy body without sacrificing food. The name 5 Factor Diet is just the right name considering many Hollywood celebrities Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, Kanye West and John Mayor have embraced this weight loss program. The dietician Harley Pasternak has made public the fitness program called the 5 Factor Diet.

The 5 Factor Diet does not need you to skip meals or leave out certain categories of food. In the 5 Factor Diet, you have to eat cheat meals that can be taken along with regular food, and can help you in making your body healthy and fit.

Product Details of 5 Factor Diet:
5 Factor Diet is a 5 week program that is planned to make your body healthy and fit. It is geared to make you eat five meals a day consisting of lean protein, whole foods, vegetable and fruits in normal quantities. It is a plan that asks you to avoid cravings instead of meals. In the 5 Factor Diet, there is an incentive by which you can cheat for a day every week, so that you can eat anything that you wish.
Also with the diet, there is a 25 minute workout session to be done daily with the help of a combination of cardio and strengthening exercises. Every set of exercises should be done for five miutes, so that there is no chance of overdoing each of the exercises. The diet plan 5 Factor Diet costs $6 a week. You can go to the official website of 5 Factor Diet Plans and get information on the recipes, weight trackers and lean planners.

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Pros of 5 Factor Diet:
• It is a simple diet program to follow and there are no prescription pills involved.
• This diet program comes from a well known trainer Harley Pasternak, who has been associated with well known names in Hollywood.
• It encourages eating foods which are rich in fiber and protein and low in fats thus helping you reduce weight but not depriving the body of valuable nutrients. A fiber rich diet is known to reduce the LDL Cholesterol and increase the HDL Cholesterol.
• There are numerous recipes available to make your meal delicious once you have a membership to 5Factor Diet.
• It encourages only a 25minutes workout daily which can fit in anyone’s lifestyle.
• It is helpful for Type 1 Diabetic patients since less quantity of food is consumed every time and hence less insulin is being released.

Cons of 5 Factor Diet:
• One can over indulge in junk foods and sweets during the “cheat day” thereby neutralizing the objective of this program.
• The food plan suggested by them may not appeal to a person feasting on fried and spicy food.
• They mention that you should have food five times a day in normal quantity but they do not specify what that ‘normal quantity’ means. It is quite possible that one may over eat or one may eat less depending on what one perceives as a normal quantity of food.

The 5Factor Diet plan is a good guide for people really interested in reducing body fat and having a healthy body. It focuses on reducing body fat and hence it is ideal for anyone wanting to have a healthy body.

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