5 weeks pregnant-symptoms, ultrasound pictures, what to expect

5 weeks pregnant symptoms are subtle. Also, a woman would not notice any physical changes with her body yet. The belly is still small and the weight gain would just be about a pound or two. This is the stage wherein the woman usually just finds out about her pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most important and wonderful events in a woman’s life. A mixture of excitement and anxiety would be felt by the woman during this time when she starts her in motherhood. It is vital to know all about the baby and the symptoms a woman would have to experience at 5 weeks pregnant.

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The Baby at 5 Weeks Pregnant

The baby at 5 weeks pregnant starts to form important organs in his/her body. These include the bones, the central nervous system, the muscles, and most importantly, the heart. The baby is still very small at this stage, only around 2 millimeters long. The neural tube is also starting to form. The neural tube is very essential as it would further develop into the brain, spinal cord and the backbone through time.

5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 5 weeks pregnant, a woman would feel the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The symptoms are very bearable and subtle. Here are the 5 weeks pregnant symptoms:

• Tenderness of the breasts – The breast sensitivity a woman feels just right before her menstrual period is about the same as the tenderness of the breasts at 5 weeks pregnant. In some instances, the breasts feel more tender and sore to the touch. This is normal and is one of the most common symptoms pregnancy on its 5th week.

• Nipples become darker – The areola or the skin surrounding the nipples becomes darker at 5 weeks pregnant. In the first trimester, noticeable bumps around the areola can also be observed. A woman should not be alarmed of this because this is just normal.

• Frequent Urination – When a woman is pregnant, she produces more hormones in her body. As a result, the kidneys work double time to keep up. This in turn leads to the pregnant woman having to urinate more frequently than usual.

• Fatigue – Fatigue is very common throughout the entire length of pregnancy. However, the feeling is worse in the first few weeks.

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• Morning Sickness – Morning sickness is the most popular symptom of pregnancy, especially on the early stages. A pregnant woman usually experiences sudden nausea which might cause her to vomit. Morning sickness may be an inconvenience, but on the bright side, it generally indicates a healthy pregnancy that will less likely result to a miscarriage.

Some of the 5 weeks pregnant symptoms may come as nuisance, but the baby is worth all the sacrifices one has to make during pregnancy. A pregnant woman must take good care of herself and her unborn child by staying healthy. Eating the right food, taking daily walks or light exercises and drinking plenty of fluids are essential. The earlier the woman prepares for the coming of her baby, the healthier and more beautiful the baby will turn out to be once he/she comes out.

5 weeks pregnant-ultrasound pictures

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