9 weeks pregnant symptoms, belly, pictures

At 9 weeks pregnant, you’ll feel more pregnant now compared to the past weeks and you’ll also begin to notice some differences in your hormonal levels and some changes in your body as well.

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These are some of the things you can expect at 9 weeks pregnant:

9weeks Pregnant Symptoms

As the hormonal levels continue to increase, you will also experience more changes in your body. Your breast will become fuller and more sensitive. You also might find some changes on the areola, but no need to worry as this is all part of the changes which help prepare your body for the coming of the baby.

Your also might still feel some pregnancy symptoms such as stuffy nose, nose bleeds and nasal congestion which are fairly common among pregnant women. For relief, you can use some vaporizer or humidifier if you want.

As you gain more weight, your waistline will also expand and you’ll experience the so called morning sickness, nausea, bloating, being restless and will acquire some food cravings too. There may also be instances when you might also feel indigestion, constipation, gas and heartburn.

With the changes in the hormonal levels, you can expect mood swings and even being weepy. But these changes are not applicable to all pregnant moms. Some may not experience any change in disposition, while others feel that their emotions are all over the place.

Fetal Development at 9 weeks pregnant

At 9 weeks pregnant your baby will be an inch long and weigh around one ounce or about the size of a large grape. But it won’t be long, the baby will grow real fast and he or she will get heavier as well. With an ultrasound device, you’ll also begin to hear the baby’s heartbeat. And the baby will begin to move, maybe spread its arms and legs or turn its head. But because the fetus is still too tiny you might not feel anything for the mean time.

During this period, you’ll find your baby in good form with arms and legs. Fingers and toes are likewise present. The baby’s nipples and the hair follicles will begin to form. The eye muscles and the upper lip will also be developed but the eyelids are still shut and would open until later in the baby’s development. The semicircular canals in the baby’s ear will begin to form as well. And as for the internal organs, the nerve connections in the retina and brain will be established. The intestines will move from the umbilical cord towards the inside of the baby’s abdomen. The urinary and the rectal passageway will completely be separated.

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At this week, the baby will begin to develop its genitalia. Though finding out the gender would still take a few more weeks to be fully accurate.

Diet at 9 weeks pregnancy

At 9 weeks pregnant, the baby is still in his/ her early stages of development. It is therefore essential to eat more foods rich in calcium, for calcium is essential for the baby’s bone and teeth development. Foods high in calcium include dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt, broccoli, sardines, leafy green vegetables, and legumes. Stay clear of junk foods and avoid eating too much fast food as well. Remember, you are also nourishing a baby in your womb, so always remember to keep to a good and healthy eating habit.

9 weeks pregnant belly, pictures

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