Acidic Smelling Urine: Why Does My Urine Smell Bad?

Why does my urine smell bad or ‘acidic’ ?  For this, you need to check your diet.

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The urine pH is a measure of the ‘acid’ in the urine. On the pH scale, the ph value in neutral is 7. For instance, pure water has pH of 7, anything more than this is basic and anything lesser than this is 7 is acidic. So if the pH value of your urine is lower than 7, it is acidic. The normal pH level of the urine is between 4.5 and 8, if it is lesser than 4.5, it can cause concern.

Let us looks at foods that make the urine acidic or give the urine foul smell:
1. Meat: All meat products including organ meats like liver can result in foul smelling urine, due to high acidic content in them. Red meat like beef and pork should be totally avoided while poultry can be eaten in moderate amounts
2. Seafood: Seafoods like fish, sardines, lobsters, salmon, herring are also known to have high purine content that can result in acid in urine
3. Yeast: Yeast particularly in alcohol and also in foods like bread and alcohol based beverage can result in high uric acid.
4. Caffeine: Caffeine present in tea, coffee and beans can also increase acid levels in urine.
5. Vegetables: Certain vegetables like mushrooms, asparagus and spinach may also increase the acid levels in urine but not to the extent as the other four mentioned above.

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If you notice acidic smelling urine that has been going for more than 3 days, then you should check with a doctor. He may administer drugs like amoxyicillin, cephalosporin and, sulfa drugs depending on the seriousness of the infection These are prescription drugs that should be taken after consulting with a doctor.

How to naturally cure bad (acidic) smell in urine
1. Drink lots of water, an intake of 12 glasses of water can make your kidney function to its optimum and also neutralize the acids in the urine.
2. Take foods rich in carbohydrates and go for low protein diet to reduce acidity in urine. Have tomatoes, celery and raw fruits like bananas and apples
3. Drink cranberry juices as one of the best ways to remove the foul odor from urine
4. Have curds or yogurt with a teaspoon of honey to remove bad smell in urine.
5. Exercise proper hygiene by cleaning the genital area well after urination. Avoid strong smelling soaps or perfumes in those areas.

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