Acne on Back: Itchy Back, Causes, Treatment

Itchy back is a very common disorder. This may also happen due to acne. Acne can develop on back skin because the skin at the back of our body is thicker; this is also the reason why acne on back is more stubborn than acne appearing on the face. Acne appearing on the back is also known as “bacne” which is slang used to refer to the condition. It is also said that almost every one around the world have had back acne once in their life. Occurrence of acne at the back is clear factor causing itchy back.

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Itchy back due to acne occurs when sebaceous gland secrets excessive amount of oil in the body. Back acne is more common in males and is often noticed during their phase of puberty. Clogging attracts microns such as bacteria, which is why back acne is caused.

Causes of back acne:

There is no certain cause understood by the medical industry in regards to itchy back and occurrence of acne. Most people still believe wearing skin fit clothes that keeps the skin from breathing is the main cause behind the development of the acne on the back. However, as we are covered with cloth most of the time, it is difficult to prevent back acne if the aforementioned cause is true.

There are other possible causes of back acne which may include:


There are detersives (body soaps, wash etc.) which are not washed properly from the skin, the skin that may later cause irritation and itchy back.

Unwashed cloths:

In some cases when clothes, bed covers, bed sheets etc. are not washed properly. Any pathogens or dirt or even presence of remaining detersive may cause itchy back and some times lead to acne.


Our biological body is greatly influenced by diet. Hence there are fair chances that itchy back acne may be caused due to inappropriate diet or malnutrition.


Side effects of drugs may be considered as one of the infrequent causes of the condition, but there are few chances that a person may develop the condition due to an unsuitable drug.


Lack of cleanliness is perhaps the most common cause that may result in itchiness of back as well as bacne.

It should be known that back acne is not hereditary. In some cases back acne may not lead to itchiness of the back. It is the condition that may affect anyone irrespective of the age, sex or sect.

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Back Acne Pictures

Check out back acne surgery pictures of itchy back to find out how these formations on the skin can render the skin area bumpy.

Treatment for itchy back:

The treatment of itchy back is greatly depended on the cause of the condition. If the determined cause is occurrence of acne, then certain lotion and creams may help in getting rid of these acnes. You also need to ensure cleanliness along with effective measures. There are also home based remedies and traditional techniques that may help in getting rid of the condition. For example, eating curd on daily basis is said to reduce heat of the body which in turn reduces acne from back. It is also suggested to visit dermatologist in order to seek effective treatment for your itchy back.

Back Acne Home Remedies

Here are some good back acne home remedies.

1. Make an oatmeal mask, do this by simply cooking oatmeal. Then after it cools, add a tablespoon of honey and apply it on your back. Keep it this way for another 20 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. Oatmeal is a good astringent, it can remove excess oil from the skin pores and prevent acne.

2. Mix rose water and lime juice in equal measure. Then use a cotton ball and apply it on the back. Keep it overnight and wash it in the morning. Lemon is also a good astringent that can remove excess oils from the skin.

3. Take a tomato, crush it and put the pulp on the affected skin . Let the mask work on the skin for half an hour. After that use cold water to wash it properly. Tomato apart from being rich in Vitamins A and C, can also reduce oil secretion in the pores and get rid of back acne.

Back Acne Scars

If you have back acne scars, applying honey or aloe vera gel can work. You can also use Propysalic cream to reduce pigmentation. But the best treatment to remove back acne scars is pixel laser treatment.

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