ADHD children treatment

ADHD can be diagnosed with professional help. There are things like clinical assessment and observation, detailed history of the onset, duration of the disease and progress monitoring that are used to find out how the child or adult is improving from ADHD. This is not a disorder that can be treated only by the psychiatrist; it is a team-work that needs the help of parents, teachers, speech therapist, neurologist, occupational therapist(for the adult suffering from ADHD) and the child herself. Check out ADHD symptoms in children

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Parent management: Parents are educated about the ADHD and its implications. This helps them cope affectivily with their children’s plight and control their own reactions, which may have aggravated the child’s personality otherwise. Parents are given a set of general principles for child-rearing that are appropriate for children with ADHD.

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Individual counseling: Life can be very hard for children with ADHD. This disorder can have widespread emotional repercussions and psychological problems. Individual counseling can help children share their stressful thoughts and learn adaptive ways of handling their thoughts and emotions.

Educational Interventions: Classroom requirements to sit sill, pay attention, listen to instructions, waiting for your turn and getting along with other classmates and people in general are some of the things that are taught by the counselor in the form of individual counsellling. But since they are mostly related to education and class-room behavior, they are separately termed ‘educational interventions’ in ADHD treatment jargon.

Cognitive behavioral self control training Children can learn several techniques with the help of their counselor for monitoring and regulating their own behavior.

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