Ankle Joint Pain

Ankle joint pain is perhaps one of the most daunting physical conditions experienced by people. If you are experiencing ankle pain which related to joint, then it may be due to any of the several reasons such as arthritis, ankle fracture etc. It should be known that ankle pain can be a very irritating condition as the pain experienced is extremely inflammatory. It may also hinder the ability to walk and stand to perform any regular activities. If the pain is only associated to only one of the two ankles then one may at least leap and walk, but if the experienced on both the ankles then it may become difficult to even stand.

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Symptoms of ankle joint pain

Similar to any other physical malfunction, even ankle joint pain is accompanied by some symptoms. One of the most commonly experienced symptoms of ankle joint pain may include extreme pain. It should be known that if you suffer from pain while bearing weight or even standing or walking. The affected ankle may also look protruded and bruises may be noticed. Injuries or conditions related to ankle joint may also have influence on cartilages of ankle, tendons of ankle, blood vessels. Pain in the ankle joint may also be a result of foot issues, knee problem or even hip related issues.

Causes of Ankle joint pain

Ankle fractures

An ankle fracture can be described as complete or partial break of bones related to ankle. It is believed that ankle is among some most common body parts that are prone to fractures. Vigorous outward or inward twist is perhaps one of the frequent causes of ankle fracture. Most people often get confuse or mistake ankle fractures with ankle sprain and vice-versa, though both the conditions are determined to be different in regards with prognosis and severity. If a person is experiencing consistent pain after a traumatic incident, then it is essential for him or her to get diagnosed immediately. Incase any adversity is recognized then appropriate treatment should be obtained through a qualified doctor. An efficient treatment can help in speedy recovery from the inflammatory condition. You should note that sometimes ankle sprains as well as ankle fractures occur at the same time.

The symptoms experienced in ankle fracture are somewhat similar to the symptoms mentioned above. For example, extreme pain experienced while baring weight or standing, inability to walk considerable diffuse, as well as swelling and bruises experience around the affected ankle.

Tarsal Tunnel syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is another condition that may lead to ankle joint pain. Tarsal tunnel serves as a passage for nerves as well as posterior tibial nerve and other structures. The tarsal tunnel of the ankle is located in the inside border of the ankle immediately below the bony prominence. In this condition the posterior tibial nerve that goes through the tarsal tunnel gets compressed; this is an entrapment neuropathy condition. Tarsal tunnel may be caused due to several causes such as osteoarthritis of joints, overpronation of ankle, diabetes mellitus, tenosynovitis of ankle, linkage of two tarsal bones abnormally etc. Even a cyst developed in the tarsal tunnel can lead to such condition.

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There are symptoms even in case of tarsal tunnel. One of the commonly noticed symptoms is pain or tingling sensation around the ankle as well as toe. Swelling of feet is another symptom of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Tarsal tunnel may also cause pain while running or just standing consistently as well s cold sensation may be experienced. If you experience any joint pain then there are chances that the pain is due to tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendons are thick tendon serves as a link between calf muscles and the calcaneus (heel bone). Achilles tendinitis is a condition wherein inflammation, protrusion or irritation is experienced in Achilles tendons. This condition is another factor that is associated with ankle joint pain. The inflammation of Achilles tendons is usually caused due to repetitive excessive use of arthritis or tendon. It should also be known that there are some people who may be more prone to Achilles tendinitis, for example people who walks regular and vigorously, sprinters, basketball players or any other athletes involved in sports that requires vigorous jumping and running. This condition is more frequently recorded in case of middle aged individual as well as aged individuals. This is perhaps the reason why ankle joint pain is also recorded in older individual frequently.

Similar to ankle fracture and tarsal tunnel syndrome, even Achilles tendinitis have some symptoms such as pain at heel while running or walking. One may also feel that the Achilles tendon has turned tender to touch. In some cases the affected person may also feel warmness of the afflicted region as well as swelling may be seen. Achilles contributes to the list of factors causing ankle joint pain.

Remember that these are only a few conditions that may be associated with ankle joint pain. To prevent the condition from becoming adverse it is essential to get diagnosed and seek treatment for the pain.

Ankle Joint Pain Relief

1. The most common home remedy for ankle joint pain is to apply ice wrapped in bandage. The ice-pack will reduce the swelling and pain.

2. Coconut oil and garlic oil can also help reduce ankle joint pain; take 3 tbsp of garlic and coconut oil in a container and heat in a microwave for ten seconds. Once it is warmed, apply the oil directly onto the ankle for ten minutes. Once the oil is absorbed into the skin, it can give great relief.

3. If the pain still exists, the doctor may ask you to take an X-ray. Based on this he will prescribe a mode of treatment.

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