Appendicitis Surgery-Recovery, Cost, Complications

The finest treatment method for swollen appendix is through appendicitis surgery and is quite common. Appendicitis takes place when the appendix has become infected and inflamed. It is located on the lower right abdomen that looks like a small worm-like protrusion structure connected to the colon or large intestine. Until now, the real function or purpose of appendix to the human body remains unclear as removing them completely does not pose any danger or even alter the function of the digestive system or on the patient’s overall health. But, it is noteworthy that ongoing studies are looking through the possibility that this seemingly useless structure may actually play an important role in holding and protecting good bacteria which are useful to the proper functioning of human colon. Still, you might wonder; how does appendicitis develops? Read further.

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Progression of Appendicitis

The appendix secretes slime and delivers it onto the colon or large intestine. The secreted slime will not reach the colon without passing appendiceal lumen, on the interior part of appendix. Once the appendiceal lumen is blocked, appendicitis occurs. Fecal substances or food waste, growths or parasites could block appendiceal lumen therefore obstructing it. These substances are a great haven for bacteria thus causing infection and inflammation. However, other factors may cause blockage of appendiceal lumen and once ignored, it may burst over time.

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Types of Surgery

Appendectomy or appendix surgery can be delivered in two ways; laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery. Both may almost have similar names but in simple terms, the only difference between the two has something to do with the method used. Laparotomy, for instance, is referred to as the older surgical method of appendectomy. The appendix is removed by just one incision on the lower right side of abdomen. On the other hand, laparoscopic surgery uses a specially-designed surgical tool to remove the swollen appendix. It is a more advanced appendectomy method promising lesser complications and faster recovery. Appendectomy, however, is not only considered in removing swollen appendix. Some people with healthy appendix go through appendectomy for them to be free from any threat of appendicitis.

Non-surgical Treatment for Appendicitis

Although surgery is the best treatment method for appendicitis, non-surgical treatment option is available. This proves useful especially for patients who are not sufficiently well to go through surgical procedures as well as for unclear diagnosis. This treatment option may involve antibiotics administration while waiting for the infection to subside.

Recovery Period from Appendicitis Surgery

Normally, the recovery period lasts up to six weeks wherein the patient is restricted to do any sort of physical activity. Full recovery from appendicitis is possible without doing any changes on your lifestyle, diet or exercise.

Appendicitis treatment should never be delayed especially with ruptured appendix because it may lead to serious health conditions or even death. This seemingly useless structure in your digestive system can do great harm if ignored. Therefore, once the doctor confirms that you have appendicitis, never delay going through appendicitis surgery as it is the only effective treatment for inflamed appendix.

Appendicitis surgery  Cost

The average cost for appendicitis surgery is pegged at $46,800; though the actual cost can depend on the patient condition,the hospital and the area where the surgery is done.

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