Avocados Health Benefits

Avocados are known to have tremendous health benefits. Avocados are native to Central America and are also known as ‘butter pear’ and ‘alligator pear’.Though avocados taste and have a creamy texture,they are considered nature’s healthiest fruit.They are packed with dietary fire,vitamin B6,vitamin C and vitamin K,potassium and folic acid.Here are the following benefits of avocados bet you didn’t know about:

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1. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats that are good for the heart.It also helps in regulating levels of cholesterol because it contains a compound called oleic acid.
2. Since they also contain potassium they are beneficial in regulating the blood pressure and preventing heart diseases and strokes.
3. Consuming avocados regularly also helps in prevention of cancer and treatments of ovarian and breast cancer because of its anti-oxidants properties.
4. Avocados contain the compound carotenoid lutein that helps protect against degenerative diseases of the eye,cataract and other aging related eye problems.
5. Lycopene and beta carotene also known as carotenoids,present in avocados help the body to absorb nutrients from other foods better.
6. Avocados contain vitamin B,E and healthy oil that is beneficial for the skin.Just mash avocado pulp and apply it as a face mask.This will help in giving a healthy radiant glow on your face.
7. Because avocados are creamy in texture,they serve as a great healthy substitute for mayonnaise,which full of fat and calories.

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