Baby Heart Monitor, Fetal Heart Monitor

Baby or fetal heart monitor is a very special thing for the mother-to-be. The best thing that expecting mothers find exciting and thrilling is hearing the heartbeat of her baby while still inside her womb. Although mothers-to-be can always visit their OB/GYNE and have an appointment in order to hear the heartbeat, they will need to commute every now and then which is not very healthy for the mother as it will add stress to her body. That is why the baby heart monitor is now available in the market today – a device that lets mothers hear the heartbeat of their unborn child.

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The importance of a baby monitor

Other expectant mothers would think twice of buying the baby heart monitor since it is only usable during the times when the baby is still inside the womb. Another thing that makes it hard to obtain is the hefty price of this device. In the end, only those who have enough money can afford such device.

If you want to purchase the device, you can do so. But remember that the heartbeat is still not clear during the early weeks. The heart matures around the tenth or twelfth week during pregnancy. So it is best to purchase one when the unborn baby has reached the tenth week. Some purchases require a prescription – either you rent the device or buy it. Prepare a prescription in advance, in case the store would look for it. There are different shops online that sells heartbeat monitors so consider carefully which device to choose.

For mothers who have difficulty obtaining their own heartbeat monitor would rather rent the device because of the tight budget. There are companies that offer rent to their heartbeat monitor; they even allow rental for a longer time. As always, you should check the certifications and quality of the device including its safety and cleanliness. There are other companies that provide insurance options in cases of accidents happening.

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Using the device is easy. You will also need some ultrasound gel that is commonly used in the hospital or clinic in monitoring the abdomen/stomach of the patient. This will help pick up sounds clearly from the abdomen/stomach in monitoring the heartbeat of the baby. The ultrasound gel also helps the device slide easily when changing positions. During first use, it will be hard to find the heartbeat but after several attempts it will be easier. The difference between the device used in hospitals and the portable heartbeat monitor is that it is not sensitive and sophisticated enough to detect the heartbeat during the first ten weeks of the baby and also they were not built for that purpose either.

The disadvantage of having your own heartbeat monitor at home is that pregnant women tend to neglect their regular check up with their doctor. The heartbeat monitor is not a substitute to prenatal care.

Although the baby heart monitor may be rendered useless after the baby is born, it is still usable to other pregnant women. If you have one that is lying idly in your home, it will be better to have it rented or donated to a health center so that other pregnant women who cannot afford such can make use of it.

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