Back Pain Causes and Reasons

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Back pain or back ache is an unwelcome evil in today’s competitive world. Often we hear people nagging about back pain . Not only the old, but even the young are complaining of the back pain, especially lower back pain. For some people the back pain could even radiate down to the back of the thighs and in some cases even to the calves or feet. Here are the reasons or causes of back pain though most of us know about it.

Most of us silently suffer or neglect the pain. However there is a sentence of caution here. Lower, middle or upper back pain can be acute which lasts for a few weeks, or chronic which goes on for more than 12 weeks. In either case, those who suffer from pain should take note of it and act quickly. In many cases the neglect can cause increasing amount of damage and ill-health.

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Causes of back pain:
1. Prolonged sitting: Those who have a job where being seated is necessary are more prone to chronic back aches. Sitting in front of the computer for a prolonged time, sitting in cars, planes or chairs for a long time can lead to back ache. Sitting position causes maximum strain to the back and those who already have a back pain should be extra careful.

2. Poor posture: Stooped and bent posture can result in severe back pain. Many of us do not stand or sit erect. Habitual bad posture if continued can result in changing the shape and structure of the joints of the back and also a lot of wear and tear. The reason why older people stoop is not because they are getting older but because they do not make the effort to correct the posture. The same goes for a lot of younger people.

3. Incorrect lifting procedures: How many of us make sure that our back is straight while lifting objects? The answer is few. Those who lift objects with rounded back, especially heavy objects are bound to suffer from back injuries. The pressure on the interverterbral discs of the back is much higher when heavy objects are lifted with a bent back.

4. Overtraining: Fitness enthusiasts tend to strain their backs because of over-training. Exercise is important for the young as well as the old, but too much of it can cause damage, especially to the back.

5. Car seating: Many cars do not provide adequate lumbar support. Bad seating can cause strain to then bones, muscles, discs and ligaments of the back

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