Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Back pain in early pregnancy is normal. Do not be alarmed if you experience back pains during the early stage of your pregnancy. This is one of the earliest symptoms you can feel when you’re pregnant. As early as 2 weeks after you conceive, you will experience mild to moderate back pains. Depending on the individual, the pain can intensify to great levels. It is not something to be too worried about though, however, these back pains may cause inconveniences to the woman. The best way to deal with back pain in early pregnancy is to find a good way to manage it or lessen the intensity.

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Causes of Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

The primary reason for back pain in early pregnancy is the hormone relaxin which is produced when you are pregnant. Relaxin is the hormone that allows the ligaments and pelvic bones to soften to accommodate the baby in the womb. Also, when you are pregnant, you are carrying your baby in your upper torso. And as your baby grows, the primary support for its weight is your back part. It is like carrying a heavy backpack for a long period of time, hence, you will feel your shoulders start to sore through time. Certain sleeping positions may also result to back pain. Sometimes, a pregnant woman gets conscious on how to position herself when she sleeps; a mother is always protective of her baby so even if the baby is still as little as 2 weeks old, the mother would want to protect it. A pregnant woman might sleep sideways or in one uncomfortable position and would wake up experiencing back pain.

Management of Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

• Maintain a good posture – Maintaining an upright, yet relaxed and comfortable posture greatly helps to ease and prevent back pain in early pregnancy.

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• Use the right gear – Avoid things that can trigger back pain, like high heels and tight clothes. It is advisable to wear comfortable flat shoes and clothes. You might also want to try wearing a maternity support belt as some women find this very helpful in managing their back pain in early pregnancy.

• Avoid lifting heavy objects – Bending and carrying heavy things will worsen the ache you feel on your back. Avoid lifting heavy objects, but if you need to do so and there’s no one around to help you, do not bend down to get the object, instead, squat down and lift using your legs’ strength.

• Hot and cold therapy – Alternating hot and compress on your back helps ease the soreness. You can also massage your back from time to time but please be careful not to over press the area that hurts. Gentle massaging is advisable.

• Exercise – Stick to a daily exercise routine. Exercising helps strengthen your back and also reduces discomfort. But remember not to resort to strenuous exercises like weight lifting or running. Instead, do calmer and gentler exercises like swimming and walking.

• Chiropractic treatment – If you can’t manage your back pain well and if it gets worse, you can resort to this kind of treatment. Just make sure that a competent professional does this. Read more about chiropractic treatment

Back pain in early pregnancy is quite common. The best thing to do is to discipline oneself and try techniques to manage the pain. Patience is the key. If you feel cranky about this, just think of the little bundle of joy you’ll have in your arms soon, and all will be worth it.

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