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Nowadays, there are so many people, especially the younger generation, who want to have belly button piercing. Some of the parents of these younger generations disagree with the idea of getting a belly button piercing because it does not sound good and right at all. But what is a belly button piercing? Why do some people get them and why do others abhor them?

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In belly button piercing, the belly button, or also known as the navel, is pierced with metal decorations such as silver, titanium or gold ring. It is one of the most famous piercings done on the body but it is the second most dangerous area if it is improperly done. If a person wants to have his belly button pierced, then he should make sure that the individual who will do it is a professional and really knows how to do it properly.  Most importantly, all the materials to be used must be sterilized. In belly button piercing, cleanliness is crucial to prevent infection.

Reasons for having belly button piercing

Boys and girls, men and women, have different reasons why they like to get belly button piercings. Some of these are the following:

  • During the ancient times, belly button piercing was famous because it symbolized the status of the person in society. Piercings on the belly button served as a sign of the bravery of the person as well as the good relationship he or she has with his or her god.
  • In modern days, most people who want to get their belly buttons pierced do it because of fashion. Some believe that if they have a belly button piercing, they are fashionable and keeping in trend with the younger generation.
  • Some people want to have belly button piercings because they think it is cool to accessorize the body this way.
  • Because of the celebrities with belly button piercings, their fans, especially the girls also want to have their belly buttons pierced. Girls desire to be like their celebrity idols as much as possible.
  • Many women also undergo belly button piercing because they think it is daring and sexy. They feel the confidence to show off their body in public because they know that people will look at them and be amazed by the belly button piercing.
  • Women would say that belly button piercing is beautiful because the ring in the belly button area makes her feel beautiful. The belly button piercing makes a woman feel good about herself.
  • Experts have stated that people get belly button piercings to remind themselves of how they love their body.

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Advantages and disadvantages of belly button piercing

Before deciding on getting your belly button, or any part of the body for that matter, pierced, it is important that you become aware of the advantages and disadvantages.  A complete and perfect understanding of the process itself and what may happen during and after the procedure is crucial to avoid any surprises or untoward incident.  You should be prepared for the consequences of getting a belly button piercing, whether good or bad.

The advantages of belly button piercings are the following:

  • It can be kept secret as long as the belly button area is not shown to the public.
  • A belly button piercing is a good option for those people, such as students and employees, who are not allowed to have piercings in their bodies. This type of body piercing allows them to continue their sense of fashion and personal style.

The disadvantages of belly button piercing include:

  • If the belly button piercing is not done properly, such as using dirty equipments for the procedure, this can cause serious complications such as infection in the pierced region and surrounding areas of the belly button.  It may even result to sepsis when the bacteria enter the blood.
  • Infection may also occur if the belly button piercing is not kept clean. As much as possible the pierced area should be free from dirt by doing the proper after care religiously.
  • A belly button piercing can cause skin breakdown especially when the person is not careful upon wearing his or her clothing. The clothing may pull the ring in the belly button causing a tear in the skin.
  • A person planning to have his or her belly button pierced should go to a professional piercer because some of the piercers do not know the location of some nerves. An amateur piercer may hit some nerves surrounding the belly button area leading to nerve damage.

Belly button piercing may be viewed as positive or negative, depending on the person’s perception and belief. If you feel that a belly button piercing can make you look and feel good then pursue the piercing. Just make sure that proper care after having the piercing is implemented to thwart any damaging effects such as infection and other complications.

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