Best Eye Exercises for Healthy Eyes

Eyes are the windows of our soul. They are also among the most sensitive areas of our body. So, here.Our eyes constantly perform visual imagery for us and they are subjected to strain due to long hours spent in front of the computer,television,dust and pollution,and they only get rest when we sleep.Some people suffer from frequent headaches,blurred vision due to strain on the eyes.More and more younger people are having eye problems and need to wear glasses or contact lenses.Therefore,it is a wise thing to exercise your eyes too,and unlike a work out at a gym,it doesn’t involve any sweating or doing weights and is relatively easy.Here how you can exercise your eyes:

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1. One of the best eye exercises is to rub your palms together till they get warm.Now close your eyes and lightly cover them with your cupped palms,without putting pressure on your eyeballs.As you are doing this,think about your happiest moments in life so far,and breathe slowly,taking deep breaths.Practice this for a minimum of three minutes and gradually increase the repetitions.
2. This is one of the most simplest eye exercises ever.Just close your eye tightly for about five to ten seconds and open them.Repeat at least five times.
3. Massaging your eye lids will give your eyes a relaxing feel.Close your eyes and gently using your finger tips massage your eyelids in a circular motion.Alternatively you can soak and drench a soft cloth in hot and cold water alternatively after applying it softly on your eyes. This is one of the best eye exercises.
4. A fun way to exercise your eyes is to roll your eyes clockwise,blink and then go anti-clockwise.
5. Focus your attention on a distant object for about 10 to 15 seconds and then slowly refocus your attention on a nearby object without moving your head or neck.
6. Move your pupils from left to right and up to down.Repeat five to 10 times.
7. The most popular eye exercise is the eye-roll. Roll your eyes clock-wise,blink and then go anti-clockwise.
8. Last but definitely, not the least, make sure that you sleep adequately. All of the above will work well if you take enough rest. 

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  1. There are several eye exercises one can preform to start improving their vision towards 20-20 vision ,such as the compass rose and eye rotations.

    However it is important to know that eye exercises are not enough, and the right training and guidance is key here if you're after results.

    sure, you can do it yourself in a year or 2 but having the right guidance such as the vision vitalizer program can boost your vision and cut down the time to 2 months instead of 2 years

    Frank Roseman

    • I want some guidance for excercise for vision imporovement, please, reply and I will get back to you when I will need soe guidance. I will be grateful and appreciateable to you


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