Beyonce Diet-Maple Syrup and Beyond

What does Beyonce Knowles eat? Well, she is a reformed person now, have a great sexy body that has become a reality through a whole some diet. Gone are the days, when she would aspire to lose weight through the Maple Syrup Diet; a diet that she is recognized with, but in any case, she does not endorse it.

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Beyonce had unstable diet habits and her weight would constantly change, from being curvy to lifeless thin. Finally, she had decided that there is no point in sticking to fat diets and healthy eating is the key. Let us look at what Beyonce eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Breakfast: Beyonce’s breakfast consists of energy giving carbs. She goes for protein heavy breakfast like Granola or Special K.

Lunch: The lunch of the sexy singer consists of sasha salad. It is a tasty, nutrious salad that consist of chicken breast, avocado, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, greens and jalapenos.

Dinner: Beyonce enjoys grilled fish and vegetables for dinner

Snacks: The ‘Put a Ring on It’ sensation loves snacking on fruits and things like carrots, celery dipped in vinaigrette and cucumbers.

Beyonce does like to indulge in sinful delicacies once in a while, so yes she celebrates it with a pasta or pizza once a week.

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