Birth Control Pill or Birth Control Patch.

Birth control pill or patch? Which is better?

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When Ortho Evra patch was released in 2002 after FDA approval, women and doctors were quite happy because it was a breakthrough indeed.  For busy women and those who were sexually active, the Ortho Evra birth control patch eliminated the need for women to take a pill everyday; they could just apply the patch once a week.

Ortho Evra Side Effects

Though Ortho Evra had convenience at its middle name which convinced 4 million women to take it, the side effects of this birth control pills began to loom sharply.  Between April 2002 and December 2004, there were 28,000 reports of adverse side effects among women, with 23 cases of  deaths, in some cases in women as young as 14. Please read about Ortho Evra law suits and Ortho Evra side effects

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So is birth control pill better than patch?

Compare to the birth control patch, it is better to take birth control pill, because the estrogen is filtered through the stomach and there is less hormonal absorption.  If you take Ortho Evra or any other transdermal birth control patch, the estrogen is absorbed directly into the blood stream. Due to continuous dose of estrogen into the blood stream, women who use this birth control pill add 60 percent more estrogen to their body compared to those who use the pill.  There is no Ortho Evra recall issued despite the fact that there have been lawsuits springing up. It is left to he women and the health care providers to exercise discretion before taking or prescribing the medicine.

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