Blood in Urine Female

Blood in urine female happens more commonly than blood in urine male. The blood in urine is usually caused by an infection caused by bacteria in the urethra, bladder or even in the kidneys. The female’s genitals are more prone to bacterial infection in comparison to the male’s reproductive system. Thus, females are more prone to find blood in their urine. Treatment for blood in urine that is probably caused by bacterial infection is now widely available. However, serious diseases that pose great risks to women’s health may also be the cause of the blood in urine. So it is very essential to undergo different diagnostic tests first to better identify the real cause of blood urine female.

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Causes of  Blood in Urine in Females

There are plenty of conditions that could cause blood in urine female. Below are the most common ones and the rare ones that could pose great risks to the woman’s health:

Urinary Tract Infection – This is the most common cause of blood in urine female. The infection originates from bacteria that invaded the urinary tract via the urethra of the female. It usually starts with a painful sensation when urinating and a cloudy appearance of the urine. However, when left untreated, more serious symptoms such as blood in urine could happen.

Pyelonephritis – Pyelonephritis is the medical term for kidney infection. This is when the bacteria in the bladder and urethra have made their way to the kidneys, thus spreading the infection. This would cause blood in urine.

Kidney Stones – Kidney stones would form inside the kidneys when the kidney infection is not treated right away. This could also cause blood to be seen in the urine.

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Other Rare Causes – Other rare causes that pose great risks to the health of the female are kidney cancer and bladder cancer. These are very serious diseases that if not given attention right away might cause the early death of the individual.

Diagnostic Tests for blood in urine in females

Before the tests are conducted, the physician would interview the individual about his/her medical history as the drugs being taken might be the cause of the blood in urine. Some drugs that could cause blood in urine include phenytoin and rifampicin. After which, the physician would also conduct a physical examination. After those two important procedures, diagnostic tests will be conducted. Urinalysis is usually the first test undergone by the individual to determine the type of bacterial infection that might have caused the blood in urine. Then, a complete blood count will also be done to see if the kidneys are functioning properly. If these regular diagnostic tests do not give clear results, more advanced tests would be done such as kidney scan, biopsy, as well as abdominal ultrasound.

Treatment for Blood in Urine Female

The treatment is usually dependent on the result of the diagnostic tests. If the cause of blood in urine is urinary tract infection or kidney infection, oral antibiotics would be prescribed by the physician in order to kill the bacteria causing the infection. If the infection is getting serious, the individual would be advised to be confined in the hospital for better monitoring. If the cause is much more serious like cancer, chemotherapy or radiotherapy would be advised depending on the severity of the condition.

Blood in urine female usually indicates infection. In order to avoid it from getting worse, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Also read about blood in urine no pain

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