Body Odor in Women

Let us know what causes of body odor in women, and changes in body odor in women. The natural smell  of the body may vary from person to person and in most cases emanate an offensive smell. This may be associated with unhygienic physical condition and extreme perspiration and this condition can become complicated by hormonal changes especially in a woman.

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While body odor may refer to smell of the overall body, it may also sometimes be related to only certain body parts such as armpits or groin. This kind of not-so pleasant smell may be related to only certain parts and can be more pronounced if the region is also affected by infection. Women are highly conscious about their physical hygiene and a strong body odor may be a matter of concern.

Causes of body odor in women:

It is studied that during menstrual cycle on monthly basis, the sexual hormone of females changes to synchronize phenomenon such as menstruation as well as ovulation. These fluctuations occurring during the term of menstrual cycle are not just relegated just to the vagina,  causing vaginal odor, but may have some standard influence on the entire body. It may also affect the perspiration, tolerance to heat and causes abnormal and offensive body odor.

These factors may have strong influence on the normal body odor. In such a case if good hygiene is not ensured then it may also cause hyperhidrosis (extreme perspiration) or bromhidrosis (offensive stinking perspiration).  The condition may also affect sensitivity to the temperature as well as augment the rate of perspiration due to alteration in heat tolerance along with dilation of blood vessels of skin. It is known that each person has her own characteristic body smell; however, hormonal changes can influence and change the body odor.   Flatulence in women is also known to be more potent compared to men.

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Improper hygiene causes body odor in women:

Hyperhidrosis can be sometime linked with temperature sensitivity of an individual as well as the nervous system, hence hormonal changes may have its influence on the degree of perspiration. Hence, by not ensuring a hygienic body condition, the augmented perspiration can cause offensive body odor in women which may be already exacerbated.

There are other factors that may add to the causes of bad body odor in women for example, thicker hair present at armpits, pubic region, vaginal discharge, excessive sweat etc.

Treating body odor in women:

There are certain measures that can be adopted to treat body odor in women. One of the most significant factors for averting body order is by ensuring hygiene. It is essential to bath on regular basis and to ensure augmented hygiene; try to bath two times a day and clean each and every body part appropriately. There are special soaps and body lotions that contain antibacterial properties and can impart pleasing scent to your body. If the body odor occurs in area where pubic hair are dense or moderate, it is wise to gently and carefully remove the hair and clean the area appropriately.

There are certain conditions that may require doctor’s assistant, for example hyperhidrosis etc.  Hence, a dermatologist or any expert may help you obtain information on body smell and may also suggest you treatment for body odor in women. Read more about changes in women’s body odor on a monthly basis.

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