Boil on Buttocks, Cause, Treatment and Types

Boils are a type of skin disease that is painful whether they are touched or not. The boil on buttocks can be annoying because it gives the patient difficulty in sitting down. Boils are caused by bacteria infesting under the skin. They start to get red, and then the affected area becomes tender to touch. As time passes, the area develops from being tender to firm and hard.

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The center of the boil becomes softer than the rest as it becomes filled with white blood cells that are fighting the infection. The collection of bacteria, protein and white blood cells in this center is called pus. The pus then becomes head-like which can either be drained out of the skin or surgically opened. The boil can also be referred to skin abscess.

Types of Boils

* Carbuncle or Furuncle – this type is caused by bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus. This type can have more or one opening on the skin and sometimes associated with chills or fever. Its term is reserved for abscess that is associated with hair follicle cluster.

* Cystic acne – a type where abscess are formed when the oil ducts of the skin are infected or clogged. This type affects deeper tissues of the skin more than the common acne skin infection. This commonly affects the skin on the face and prevalent during the teen years.

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* Pilonidal cyst – a unique type that affects the area of the buttocks. The cyst includes skin and hair debris. The irritation is formed from pressure and as time passes the area infected becomes inflamed then enlarges which makes it painful, tender and firm which gives discomfort when sitting. Sometimes it is caused when one is sitting too long such as sitting during very long trips.

How to treat boil on buttocks

1. Put heat on the boil like sitting on hot bath. Put extra care not to directly sit on the boil. If this does not work comfortably for you, you can place hot water on a water bottle and place the bottle on the boil for about ten to fifteen minutes. The heat helps attract antibodies and white blood cells to the infected area.

2. You can drain its pustule when it is formed. This is noticeable when the boil forms into a head, as it is white in color. Grab a sterilized needle (pour hot boiling water on the needle to sterilize) and prick the center of the head. This step is optional because the head will be drained by itself as time passes.

3. Apply heat on the boil on buttocks again in order to hasten the draining. Apply ample pressure on the head to help the fluids inside to go out but do not squeeze, lance or pinch the head because it will cause more irritation rather than treating it.

4. The boils are infectious when someone comes in contact with the fluid that is running out of the head. Clean your boils frequently and discard or sterilize the materials you used that came in contact with the boil to prevent the spread of infection.

It is best to seek medical attention when the boil on buttocks further persists.

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