Boils on Inner Thigh

Boils on inner thigh are such annoying things to have. Boils give you pain and inconvenience. Walking is one of the most common and important actions an individual does every day. Having boils on the inner thigh makes it difficult for us to walk for the reason that our thighs rub together while we walk, rubbing the boils as well, and thus creating friction and pain at the same time. Boils can be a great hindrance to our regular day to day activities and should be treated as soon as possible to avoid further discomfort and skin damage.

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Boils are skin infections that are distinctively red and lumpy. A white head is found at the center of the boil. This is the pus formed within due to inflammation. It feels sore or painful to touch and feels warm as well.

Causes of Boils on Inner Thigh

Boils on the inner thighs grow on the skin due to the infection of staphylococcus aureus bacteria. These bacteria are normally found on our skin, however, they could cause infections if the bacteria immerse deep in our tissues through wounds and cuts if left untreated. Here are other possible causes of boils on inner thigh:

• Boils can occur when the bacteria settle on a skin hair and pass through the hair follicle invading the skin on the inner thigh.

• In some cases, trapped sweat causes boils on the inner thigh as well as infects the sweat glands.

• Poor hygiene can highly cause contamination with the staph bacteria as these bacteria are attracted to unclean environments.

• Bad nutrition such as excessive intake of oily, fried or spicy foods, foods that cause heat within the body may also cause boils on inner thighs. Examples of these would include red meat, alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks.

• People suffering from diabetes as well as other diseases that would render an individual’s immune system weak, are more vulnerable to bacterial infection and are very prone to boils on inner thighs.

Treatment for Boils on the Inner Thigh

Boils on inner thighs are generally not alarming and do not necessarily need immediate medical attention. A boil is more of an inconvenience and annoyance to an individual because it can be quite painful due to the constant friction caused by the rubbing together of legs as you do your day to day activities. The boil usually ceases when it develops a white head and is ruptured and the pus inside it is drained. However, if the boil on inner thigh does not drain and seem to grow in size and feels persistently painful, it is best to see the doctor regarding this matter. The treatment for boils on inner thighs is highly dependent on the size and of the severity of the boil. If the boil is just small or minor, the doctor will usually prescribe oral antibiotics and pain relievers to treat it. Eventually, after a few days of treatment, the infection will be cured and the boils on inner thighs will cease. If there is a small pustule, that is, a white head on the middle of the boil, it is treated by incising the tip to drain the pus inside.

In grave cases like the formation of large abscesses, these are treated by applying a local anesthetic on the area of infection, opening it and draining all the pus inside. This large skin abscess should be drained surgically and administered with antibiotics intravenously.

Home Remedies for Boils on Inner Thigh

Boils on inner thighs often go away after several days or weeks. But there are suggested ways of treatment to shorten presence of boils. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can do by yourself at home:

Application of Heat

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Warm compress is very helpful in treating a boil on inner thighs especially in its earlier stages. Use a clean dry cloth and heat it using a flat iron. After doing so, apply the hot cloth on the affected area. The heat will greatly help with the circulation of blood on the infected region, allowing our natural antibodies and white blood cells to fight off the bacteria causing the infection. Keep the warm cloth on the boil until it bursts and the pus inside is drained out completely. Clean the entire surface with an antibacterial soap and pat it dry with a clean cloth. Apply antibacterial ointment prescribed by your doctor and place a bandage over it. Continue doing this process regularly until the boil on the inner thigh heals. Note that it is not advisable to puncture the boil or to apply any pressure on it. The infection would only worsen by doing so.

Application of turmeric paste

Manually make the paste by adding together turmeric, castor oil, mils, honey, Epsom salt and iodine. Mix all of these until the paste is even. Apply this mixture over the boils on inner thigh. This would allow the boils to develop a white head more quickly. Upon the formation of the white head, the pus inside it is released. Apply a doctor-prescribed anti-bacterial agent to clean the surface.

Modifying Diet

One of the causes of boils on inner thigh is excessive eating of spicy and oily foods and drinking of caffeinated drinks and as well as alcoholic beverages. Red meat is also known to cause boils on inner thigh. Try avoiding these types of foods and you’ll be satisfied with the results – a quicker healing period of the boils on inner thigh.

Water Intake

Drinking an average of 8 to 9 glasses of water a day naturally helps in flushing out toxins inside our body and eliminating them through sweat and urine. By doing so, toxin levels in our body will decrease thus resulting to a faster healing time of the boils on inner thigh.

Boils on inner thigh an easily be prevented as long as we take care of our body. The body naturally has its defensive immune system to protect us from the harmful bacteria that may infect us in any way. Unhygienic practices encourage the bacteria to reside in our body making us susceptible to infection. It is best to do our part and protect our body by practicing good hygiene.

Boils on Inner Thigh Pictures

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