Brain Tumor Symptoms in Children

 Children with brain tumors do exhibit a set of symptoms which are not different from adults with brain tumor symptoms.  But then these symptoms are non-specific and anyone of the symptoms may indicate to other issues and not just brain tumors in children. Your physician will be the best person to diagnose the brain tumor in the child but just to know things in general, here are the symptoms of brain tumors in children:

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Headaches. While a headache in a children is usually due to a much less severe disease, chronic headaches cannot be ignored. The headaches associated with brain tumors are more recurrent and increase in intensity over time. The child usually awakes in the middle of the sleep and the headache cannot be relieved by painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Just like in adult brain tumor symptoms, the headaches get worse during change of position like lying down, bending or sneezing. However, headache is a non-specific symptom and cannot be directly linked to brain tumor in children.

Seizures. Like headaches, seizures can be connected to another condition – not a brain tumor. However, 50 percent of people with brain tumors have seizures. Seizures can be very light and cause twitching more intense reactions, like loss of consciousness. If you suspect your child has a seizure attack, seek medical attention urgently. Also the child may tend to sleep more than necessary or suddenly does not have the urge to participate in a game due to fatigue. But then it is not that just brain tumors may a child tired, there can be many other reasons also, and you can pinpoint it on brain tumor.

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Personality changes. Personality changes may also be linked to other things like an event that may have made the child sad or happy. But exaggeration of normal personality traits is also an indication of brain tumor in children. For instance, the child may be laughing at things Ishould not find funny or angry outbursts suddenly with / tantrums.

Cognitive impairment. If you notice your child suddenly has trouble recollecting things or cannot concentrate properly, you should inform your doctor as soon as possible. This symptom is sometimes more recognizable are the children who are school age. For instance, if it is a usual kids’ task than any kid can do, and your school going kid takes more time than needed and also has the other associated symptoms mentioned here, it can be a brain tumor symptom in the child, which can only be ascertained after checking with a doctor.

Changes in speech. A child with a brain tumor can say things that make little sense, despite the efforts to communicate with the right words.

Physical changes in the child: The child with a brain tumor may experience weakness on one side of the body. The walk can be off balance and there can be lack of coordination in the movement.

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