Broken Ribs What to Do? Broken Ribs Healing

How to heal broken ribs? Well, the pain in the form of broken ribs symptoms can be quite a torture, and one does need timely treatment. Here are two of the symptoms

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  1. Pain while respiration or especially when you try to take a deep breaths.
  2. Pains that maturate or becomes worsen when you press or touch the injured region of the ribs. Such aches may also be noticed will exercising or bending or twisting your body.

Consulting a doctor:

It may be essential to see your doctor even if you feel any pain at your ribs after any traumatic injury to your ribs. If you feel any tender area on your ribs that is experienced after such injury and it pains during respiration then one should consult a doctor immediately. These pains may last for more than few minutes and may extend from your chest to your shoulders as well. It is essential to seek medical attention. It is also important remember that these condition may be a formidable sign of possible heart attack.

Broken ribs Diagnosis

To diagnose your chest pain issue your doctor may ask you to undergo more than one imaging diagnoses which are mentioned below.

X-ray: X-rays imaging diagnoses are used to visualize bones and uses low level radiation. However, these X-rays may not be helpful in some cases as this imaging technique sometimes fail to detect fresh rib fractures,   particularly if the bone has just a crack and not a fracture. X- ray imaging technique is also helpful in identifying collapsed lungs.

CT scan or Computerized Tomography scan: CT scan is helpful in detecting rib fractures that the x- ray imaging technique may fail to reveal. CT scan also makes it easier to see soft tissue injuries or blood vessel injuries. In this technique several x-ray are captured from different angles and are combined to show cross- sectional portions of internal structure of your body.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI: This imaging technique can be adopted to analyze soft tissues as well as organ around surrounding the ribs and determine whether there are any damages to the structure. A subtle rib bone fracture can also be detected using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This method of imaging diagnosis utilizes radio wave as well as powerful magnetic waves to generate a cross- sectional image. Most magnetic resonance imaging machines are larger in size and are tube shaped magnets. While undergoing such diagnoses the patient is asked to lie down on a table which is moved inside the Magnetic resonance imaging machine.

Bone Scan: This technique is consider as the most suitable option for detecting stress fracture, wherein due to repetitive traumatic episodes the bone gets cracked, for example stressful coughing. A small quantity of radioactive material is interjected in your body into bloodstreams.  This material accumulates in bones, especially in regions where a bone is under healing process and the scanner detects the spot.

Broken Ribs treatment:

It is believed that most broken ribs heal gradually within a period of six weeks. However, it may become necessary to take pain relief medication such as non steroidal anti- inflammatory medications like Motrin, Aleve etc. This is will help you prevent the risk of developing pneumonia which may be caused by painful breathing. However, if you feel that you have broken ribs then a doctor is the best aid that you can opt for.

Broken Ribs Pictures

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