Butt Toning Exercises for Women

Butt toning exercises for women can result in a sexy looking butt. A toned butt for a woman can be important for three reasons:
1. Overall health: If you have a toned butt and great hips, it is a sign of good health and good body
2. You can wear different clothes: Be it a bikini, a pair of jeans or even a casual gown, everything looks defined and cool if you have a shapely posterior
3. Overall confidence: If you have a great body, it can be a huge confidence booster.

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A woman’s body tends to accumulate a lot of fat around the butt and hips area, unlike men who have fat deposits in the abdomen. Especially after pregnancy, it can be quite a task to shed off the fat cells Here are some very good butt toning exercises for women.

The Squat
There is nothing better than squats for having the  Jessica Biel,  Jennifer Lopez  or Irina Shayk cellulite free butt. These exercises can strengthen, shape and tone your behind and give a muscular look to your bum. Hold a barbell

Stand keeping a barbell by keeping it across your shoulders, upper traps, hands wider than the width of your shoulders. Keep your feet angled to the outside, marginally wider than the shoulder width. Pull your shoulders to the behind and compress the muscles of your lower back, inhale and hold your breath. Look ahead and gradually keep your knees bent.

Slightly push your trunk ahead and go down till till the thighs are in a parallel position to the floor. Do not bounce at the bottom and do not stop as well, push through your heals to pull yourself at the behind, compressing your buttock muscles powerfully and exhaling as move through the halfway point. Inhale deeply and repeat the process. Check out butt exercises for pregnant women

Keep your feet straight, about a shoulder width apart. Take two dumbbells or barbells, keep your knees bend but make sure that your back is not strained. Now move your left foot ahead, while putting your forward leg centered over your ankle Make sure that your knee should not step ahead of your toes and to maintain balance, push off with your heels and not with toes.

While coming back to the initial position, focus on keeping your knees and hips straight, make sure that you are focused on the front leg even if you feel strained in your back leg. Look at your back leg as the balancer and your front leg as the main mover. Exercise using one leg at a time, instead of exchanging between one legs and the other.

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Gluteus Kickback
Go down on your knees and hands; bend your knees at a 90 degree angle, so that the thighs are perpendicular to the ground. By keeping your head up, move your right leg back and up by maing sure your knees are bent at 90 degree, until your feet is higher than your head or your thigh is parallel, aligned with your trunk. Compress your right butt muscle and slowly lower your back in the first position. Do the same thing with your left leg and repeat the steps. Find out how to get a cellulite free butt

Hamstring Curl
It’s one of the best butt toning exercises for women to the hamstring and buttocks. Lie facing down on leg-curl machine and keep your Achilles’ tendons below the padded lever with your knees off the side of the pad. Now with your back flat, raise your feet toward your butt in a intended motion. Compress the muscles and lower your feet with a controlled speed. Repeat the procedure. Read about the simplest butt exercise

One-legged cable kickback
Clasp a leather cuff to a low cable pulley and fix the cuff to the ankle. Position the weight stack from a distance of about 2 feet, using the steel frame for anchor. Keep your knees and hips somewhat bent, abs tight, compress your butt to slowly move the working leg back in a semicircle-type arc, so that it goes as high as possible. When you do this to the fullest, compress the butt muscles to the hilt. Now bring the working leg ahead, resisting the cable pull, till your attain the initial posture. Repeat the steps and do them for the other leg too.

Step Ups
Step up exercises are quite simple but quite effective for the butt. You have to life one legs to a higher platform and hen without taking any help from your body or hands, make use of the legs and butt to move your body to stand on the platform. The higher the platform is, the better will be the positive impact. Since regular steps do not really tone the butt that much, you can make use of a rock o a box to the height of your knee more to get the best results.

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