Butt Toning Exercises

Butt toning exercises have proved to be of tremendous advantage to attain a strong, round, perky butt. A well rounded butt may look sexy for sure, but it has known to have a lot of health benefits. For both men and women, butt toning exercises have proved to be really helpful in getting that head turning rear.

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For a man, the butt accentuates his V-shape body. A muscular butt can not only find admirers but it also gives the feeling that the man really values his health and lays emphasis on a stronger trunk. For the woman, the butt that flares in a shapely manner from her waist, accentuates her figure and gives her an irresistible hour-glass body.

Let us look at the benefits of a strong butt:
• It can give the person a proud gait and stride
• There is a minimal chances of a backache.
• Great body posture, strong support base
• You are able to have even balance on the body and you can lift heavy objects properly
• A powerful butt not only looks sexy but also results in acceleration, speed and stamina in every physical activity that a person does from sex to sports.

Butt Toning Exercise Benefits
Butt toning exercises are important to give your buns the right shape. Depending on how your body is as of now, you need to lose extra inches to shape your butt or add more muscles to make your buns look toned and shapely.

Remove butt cellulite

Butt toning exercises:
While doing these butt firming exercise, the focus should not be on the buns alone; make sure you exercise the whole body

Deadlifts Exercises for your derriere and upper rear thigh (hamstrings)

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Stand with feet shoulder width spaced out. Hold a bar (or dumbbell) in hands positioned ‘dead’ in front of and close to your thighs.

Push your butt back until you feel a pressure on the upper hamstring. At this point, your torso will have bent forward with the chest facing the floor.

Return the butt to original position and stand erect. This is called one repetition. erform three sets of required number of repetitions.

Lunges as Butt Toning Exercises

This is a great exercise for middle thighs and glutes. Stand with feet, shoulder width apart.

Step forward with right leg and bend the left leg such that the left knee touches the floor.

This is one repetition. Alternate between legs with each repetition, leading up to the required number of set for each leg.

Hip Extension Butt Toning Exercises

Bend slightly forward in standing position. Keeping the leg extended (knee straight but ‘soft’).
Push it behind the body (as shown). Return to starting position. This completes one repetition.
Do three sets (with required repetitions) on each leg.

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  1. You are going to think this sounds funny but I was reading a book on how to naturally cure hemorrhoid issues. One of the natural ideas was to make exercise a daily regimen. There was an emphasis on the lower abdominal area when doing so. So in essence this all makes sense to me about your post on butt toning. This type of activity can greatly strengthen the area near the rectum. Great read and thank you for the incite. Also there is new Brazilian butt toning video I tried and it really works too. Thanks again.

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