Calories in Beer, Wine, Alcohol

There are a lot of calories in beer, wine, virtually all forms of alcohol. There is a misconception that alcohol is a carbohydrate; it is a definitely not a source of energy. What alcohol molecules do is they affect the brain in such a way that one feels euphoric, this has nothing to do with energy.

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Before you swig that bottle, here is a fact: one bottle of beer contains 150 calories. Find out how to burn calories in calorie calculator Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. This is twice more fattening than carbohydrates or protein (both are known to be 4 calories per gram) and slightly lower than calorie value of fat, which is 9 calories per gram.

Please note that the number of calories in beer, wine and such other forms of alcohol depend on the size of the peg. Beer, wine and liquor (the alcoholic beverage made through the distillation process rather than fermentation) contain different amounts of alcohol. So, 10 shots of liquor (like whisky, rum, tequila), 6 glasses of wine (200 ml per glass) and 15 mugs of beer( 250 ml per mug) contain the same quantity of alcohol

Beer has 3 to 8 percent alcohol. Light or low cal beers have 3 percent alcohol. White wines have about 12 percent while red wines contain 14 percent alcohol. Liqueurs (sweetened spirits that have a variety fo flavors, extracts and oils) like dessert liqueurs and sherry contain 40 to 50 percent alcohol and have more calories.

Adding carbonated beverage or fruit juice can increase the calorie content of the drink because beverages and juices contain additional calories.

Here is information on calories in beer, per 1 glass. The total fats, carbs and protein are measured in grams.

Calories Total Fats Carbs Protein
Beer: Ale (4.8% alcohol) 72 0 2.8 0.8
Beer: Bitter or Draught (4.6% Alc.) 72 0 4 0.6
Beer: Full Strength (4.9% Alc.) 72 0 4 0.6
Beer: Lager (4.9% Alc.) 74 0 4 0.6
Beer: Light (2.2% Alc.) 50 0 4.4 0.6
Beer: Low Alcohol (0.9% Alc. 20 0 2.2 0.4
Beer: Midstrength (3.5% Alc.) 58 0 1.8 0.4
Amstel (Holland): Beer: 5% Alc. 82 0 6.7 0
Budweiser: Beer: 4.9% Alc 79 0 5.9 0
Carlsberg: Beer: 5% Alc. 82 0 6.7 0

Alcohol increases craving not only for itself but also for other food items that are in calories like fried chips, salted peanuts, cheese pieces etc.  Drinking one beer every night can increase up to 1,036 extra calories per week. So you will end up with 7 to 8 more kilos around your stomach every year. But this is debatable, because scientists are yet to find out if consistent intake of alcohol can lead to weight gain. Some studies have observed that drinking beer and other fattening forms of alcohol like spirits can increase waist to hip ratio.

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The ideal hip to waist ratio should be below one (divide the size of your waist by the size of your hips). If the number is more than one, it is a sign that you may have diabetes, heart disease, heart related conditions, obesity etc. Find out how to get rid of beer belly.

There are many variables into play here, but one thing is sure-the body processes alcohol before fat, carbohydrates or protein. So drinking can slow down the burning of fat. So, if you want to drink yet lose weight, it is not going to be so easy.

Consuming alcohol in moderation is fine. But if you want to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol on a habitual basis. The calories in alcohol can add fast and they go straight to your belly and increase its size.

Calorie count of cocktails, alcohol

(Serving Size-one glass-200 ml) Calories
Margarita 453
Martini 413
Mint Julep 143
Old Fashioned 206
Screwdriver 200
Pina Colada 297
Singapore Sling 230
Sloe Gin Fizz 120
Tom Collins 120
Tequila Sunrise 253
Black Russian 291
Blue Lagoon 179
Whisky Sour 166
White Russian 360

If you are a party and want to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol do this:

1. Eat plenty of food before you drink. Eating high protein foods like soya based snacks, fish, chicken and cheese will reduce the absorption rate and the alcohol will not high the system quickly.

2. Dilute your drink with soda.

3. Adding ice cubes can make the drink light and chilly.

4. Instead of guzzling down alcohol, sip it slowly. You can sip on a snack while drinking.

5. Do not have too many salty snacks, they can make you thirsty and make you drink more.

6. The snack should not be deep-fried, go for the baked or roasted ones.

7. If you are going for an alcohol punch, have a non-carbonated base like fruit juice, preferably of the fresh variety.

Better still, if you are at a social gathering or party and are tempted to down another peg, think of a beer belly that may be embarrassing and unhealthy; and drink water or fruit juice instead.

Here is more information on calories burned with various activities.

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