Causes of stress

We all love challenging environments, people, conversations and aims. When we get something which we find interesting, we love doing that work. But at the other end of the spectrum, we have situations and jobs which make us anxious, bored, tired, and even anxious.

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In between these extremes is the mysterious world of stress. There is good stress which can stimulate our mind and emotions (desperate times calling for desperate measures) and on the other end, the stress can even make us fall sick. Let us finds out tasks or experiences that cause stress:

• Surprises those are not pleasant, where the task is not in line with our area of interest.

• Deadlines set by others

• Orders and instructions given without our involvement

• Getting too many tasks, which we do not know how to do.

• Environments that are noisy, hot and very uncomfortable

• Maladjustment with people in the team who are involved in the task

• Feelings of injustice

• A work pace not aligned to the task deadline. Not asking for help, delegation

• The bottom-line is that stress is nothing but the response type (based on our personality) to an environmental situation. Some of the basic examples are:

1. A person who enjoys research and investigation is given a job of sales and marketing

2. Someone who likes to write is given an engineering job.

3. A person who enjoys solitude is put into social networking and communication

4. A person who hopes for a little appreciation is neglected and is taken for granted

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To beat stress, do jobs or indulge in activities that are tailored to your interest. People enjoy doing their jobs more when the end result matches or goes above their expectations. We enjoy the task more when it is somehow linked to something that we have an interest in. We love the work more if it gets us appreciation or adulation. Tasks that are done at a personal pace give us more satisfaction than the ones that have to be completed in haste. We like tasks which we feel we are getting paid more than what we expect. But still here, the interest does matter. Tasks that move us closer to our deep-rooted ambition of power, fame, comfort and money are going to be more fascinating to us.

Here is the story of a girl called Roici Fernandez who was put in wrong job profile. She clearly had stress at work. Roici who was more interested in writing got a job of making cold calls to customers and prospects and giving them an offer to take an investment product. Though  she was not exactly keen to do this kind of job, she had no other choice at that time, because she was not getting any job  that involved writing professionally and whatever came her way, was not lucrative enough.

As you can imagine, Roici was just not able to deliver, she failed dismally at making her marketing job and she was just not interested in doing it. While other reps did a good job, this girl panicked and stuttered. Under so much stress, she would always feel demotivated when she had to leave her home to go to office. Finally, she decided to call it quits and settled for a low paying writing job. But this was her passion and since she was very good at it, she shone at the job and was soon promoted to the role of an editor. But since she loved writing, she did not allow stress to dictate her with a wrong job profile and soon found a newspaper company asking her to write a column. Roici performed wonderfully and hasn’t looked back ever since.

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