Causes of Yeast Infection in Women

Let us look at causes of yeast infection in women and  yeast infection pictures to get a clear idea about this disorder.

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Yeast infection also known as Candida vulvovaginits is one of the most common gynecological disorders that women suffer from. The reason for yeast infection in most cases is a fungus called Candida albicans

More than 75 percent of women have some form of yeast infection during their reproductive years and 50 percent of women have one yeast infection before they turn 25 years of age, though the condition is rare in teenagers. Apart from Candida albicans,  the other causes of yeast infection in women especially the recurrent ones include use of antibiotics, over the counter drugs, long term use of anti-fungal drugs.

Continual use of antibiotics can make women susceptible to yeast infection because these antibiotics can impair the good and bad flora in the body. Women who take oral contraceptive pills are also at risk of vaginal yeast infection because they contain high percentage of estrogen in them.

Contraceptives like intrauterine devices, vaginal sponges and diaphragms can also disturb the vaginal lining and cause yeast infection.  Pregnancy is also one of the biggest causes of yeast infection in women; pregnant women are prone to yeast infection, due to hormonal change s in pregnancy.  Women who have weaker immunity and those who have HIV or even those who take corticosteroids can suffer from yeast infections.

Yeast Infection Pictures

Have a look at yeast infection pictures in women to get a clear idea

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Are sexually active women more likely to get yeast infection?

No, yeast infection can be common with women who are not sexually active as well as the ones who are. So, one should not confuse and link yeast infection with sexually transmitted diseases though both can happen at the same time.  But it has been seen that women who have regular sex are more likely to experience yeast infection compared to those who live a celibate life.

Systemic yeast infection is a condition where yeast come into the blood stream through a tear o cut in the skin. People with HIV can develop yeast infection in the  upper gastrointestinal system called esophagitis. This type of yeast infection is just like candidiasis but spreads to the stomach from the esophagus, making eating and drinking quite painful..

Symptoms and signs of yeast infection in women

Some of the symptoms of yeast infection in women are:

1.      White vaginal discharge with the consistence and appearance of cottage cheese.

2.      Itching and burning in the vagina and the area surrounding it.

3.      Pain or discomfort during intercourse

4.      Swelling and inflammation around the vulva

Yeast infection of the mouth-Oral Candidasis or Thrush

Yeast infection in the mouth is known as ‘thrush’ or  oral candidiasis. This is more apparent in babies and infants.  You see thick white patches in the mouth that looks like curd, but cannot be wiped easily.  They stream through the tongue and cheek sides. It can be painful and interfere with the eating.

Yeast Infection Treatment

There are over the counter treatment for yeast infection as well as home remedies  Since we now the know the causes of yeast infection in women, let us read about yeast infection treatments.

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