Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment options will be discussed in the following article. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is often abbreviated as COPD. It is a group of lung related issues that lead to damages to your lung and make respiration quite difficult for you. Emphysema issue and chronic bronchitis are two frequent conditions that make chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is believed that most cases of COPD are due to smoking, which can be prevented only by ceasing smoking immediately after you start smoking. It should be known that damages to the lungs are irreversible, hence, the treatment for most lung issues including COPD targets on eradicating symptoms and stopping from further damages.

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment is suggested according to your overall health conditions as well as the severity of the disease. The available treatment techniques usually include combination of below mentioned treatments.

Quit smoking:

Quitting smoking is one of the most efficacious chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatments. This not only helps in significantly reducing the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but also increases normal lung functions. It is studied that ceasing smoking helps in immediate betterment of health conditions from the 20th minute of quitting smoking.

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Medicinal treatment for COPD:

  • There are medications such as short-acting bronchodilators which may prove to be helpful. Beta agonists as well as anticholinergics both are important for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment. These drugs provide immediate relief from COPD symptoms, specially related to shortness of breath.
  • For moderate to serious chronic obstructive pulmonary disease long-acting bronchodilators may be used.
  • Corticosteroids inhaler may be suggested for individuals with modest to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with maturating symptoms or have been repeatedly hospitalized due to COPD.
  • COPD symptoms such as air- passage inflammation as well as constriction are calmed using systemic corticosteroids either in pill form or IV. In certain situations antibiotics are also suggested, for example in case of acute bronchitis.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatments also include administration of theophylline in lower suggested dosage.

Home oxygen usage for COPD:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment may also involve using supplemental oxygen that enhances physical as well as psychological functioning of individuals who have hypoxemia, which is deficiency of blood oxygen.

Pulmonary rehabilitation:

For those people who face difficulties while performing daily tasks, pulmonary rehabilitation may prove to be beneficial. There are various health centers that also proffer pulmonary rehabilitation programs. Such programs may help you improve your exercising capacity, reduce the chances or frequency of being hospitalized and enhance quality of life of COPD patients, on the whole.

Surgical Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment:

Lung transplant is one of the chronic obstructive pulmonary treatment techniques which are suggested in case of severe level of COPD. There are various health centers that may provide such surgical aid. Lung volume reduction surgery is another chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment. In case of lung volume reduction surgery, approximately 20% to 30% of damaged tissues are removed from each lung. This aids the remaining tissues to function well and also prevents further damages to lung.

These are some of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatments. It is essential to diagnose the issue and ask for best suitable treatment according to severity of the issue and general health conditions.

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