Clostridium Botulinum(Botulism)-Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Botulism is also sometimes referred to as Clostridium Botulinum, which is a severe physical illness that leads to flaccid paralyses of body muscles. The condition may be resulted out of neurotoxin which is also commonly known as Botulinum toxin that is produced by Clostridium Botulinum bacteria.

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The condition may be caused rarely due to C.butyricum as well as C.baratii. There are 7 categories of neurotoxins which are classified based on alphabets ranging from A to G. Among these, Clostridium Botulinum leads to type A, B and E neurotoxins and in some cases F. These neurotoxins are amongst the common substances that lead to flaccid paralysis in human. However, other types of neurotoxins usually cause issues in animals and birds.

Symptoms of Botulism

Just like any other physical illness even botulism is associated with certain symptoms. Here are some of the possible symptoms that one may notice when afflicted with the disease. Some of the classic symptoms the illness includes:

• Blurred sight

• Dual vision

• Droopy eyelid

• Inappropriate or slurred speech

• Difficulty experienced while imbibing consumable

• Weakness of muscles

• Dehydrated or dry mouth

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In some cases even constipation may be experienced. After diagnosis by a certified doctor, it may be revealed that there is a decrease in gag reflex as well as reflex of deep tendon. When an infant is affected by botulism he may suffer from lethargy and look weak. Moreover, appetite of the baby may be reduced and he may look floppy. The infant may have a weak cry and inappropriate muscle tone. Constipation is usually the first symptom that may be experienced by an child affected by Botulism.

The symptoms experienced are usually related to muscles paralysis that is resulted out of bacterial neurotoxin. If these conditions are left untreated it may progress and turn worse resulting in paralysis of different parts of the body. In most cases paralysis occurs with legs, arms, muscles used for breathing etc.

Treatment for Botulism:

For treating Botulism efficiently one should diagnose it timely. If the condition is diagnosed on time then antitoxin medication that can efficiently cease neurotoxin circulating along with bloodstream, can be used to provide relief to the patient. There are trivalent antitoxins which can counteract the activities of A, B and E neurotoxin ands can avert the condition from progressing further. However, though prevention is onset through medication, it may take weeks for recovery process. There are heptavalent antitoxins which are efficacious against all the seven kinds of neurotoxins and can be availed from US army. Contaminated food present in the gut can be removed through methods like vomiting or usage of enemas, but under instruction of certified doctor. Doctors may also treat any wound to eradicate toxin producing bacteria.

Usually patients with prevalence of botulism are hospitalized to ensure good supportive care. There are 3 kinds of botulism, namely, food borne botulism, wound botulism and infant botulism. Irrespective of the type of botulism, it is crucial to obtain efficient timely treatment against the illness.

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