Cocaine Addiction Treatment: Detox, Inpatient Rehab

The first step in cocaine addiction treatment is to get the addict agreed for the treatment. Many addicts believe that their addiction is not actually addiction and they have everything under control, which is not true. Many addicts also commit crime under influence of cocaine and reach the court for legal conflict but still believe that they have everything under control.

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Inpatient Detox- Cocaine addiction treatment

Most cocaine addiction treatments are performed under complete medical settings wherein the addict may have to be hospitalized or inpatient treatments. Such treatments can be performed in hospitals, health care centers, clinics or rehabilitation centers. The physical symptoms experienced during such cocaine addiction treatments usually are not life threatening and are temporary which may ebb away in a week. However, a person may find difficulties in coping with the psychological conditions. The psychological condition of the addict generates and intense sense of temptation and compels the patient to obtain drug in anyway possible. Hence, in such scenarios one of the main objectives of inpatient settings is to restrict patients from gaining access to cocaine.

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Medication used in detox is used for treating specific symptoms. For addressing depression anti depressants like desipramine can be utilized whereas for treating anxiety, drugs such as benzodiazepines are used. There are medicines which are manufactured with the capability of counteracting the neurological alterations caused due to cocaine use which may include Parkinson’s medication, dopamine such as Amantadine etc, this drug are developed to manipulate the influence of cocaine and decrease its craving. Propranolol is prescribed in some cases for people who are suffering from hypertension or tachycardia which may be caused due to stress. Unfortunately, yet there are no medication introduced by the medical industry that may provide complete relief from the craving during cocaine addiction treatment.

Rehabilitation for cocaine addiction treatment:

Undergoing rehabilitation for cocaine addiction may include specific therapies treatment as well as standard group therapy. The aim of such program is to educate addicts about adverse consequences of drugs and then helping them with a strategized plan to overcome the craving for cocaine and avert its use. Rehabs are highly efficient when continued for sufficient time under inpatient settings. Average recommended time for staying at rehabilitation center is three months. Though, rehabilitation may serve as an efficient treatment it is amongst the expensive cocaine addiction treatment.

It is believed that consistent gloomy mood or mindset of an individual is one of the factors that triggers cocaine craving. For an addict undergoing cocaine addiction treatment, depression or sad mood can lead to relapse from the cocaine cessation. This makes it difficult for the individual to give up cocaine addiction. There are other programs known as C.A or Cocaine Anonymous or N.A Narcotics Anonymous where many drug addicts of all kinds come together. In some cases even alcohol addicts join such meets. This is also known as 12 step meeting. In such meets many cocaine addicts agree to stay under surveillance of friends and family. This is done to restrict access to money, socializing etc which helps in reducing the chances of relapse.

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