Cocaine and Alcohol: Mixed Effects and Addiction

Cocaine and alcohol are  hazardous to health but when taken in combination it becomes even more lethal. It is seen that to increases the intensity of euphoria, teenagers and drug addicts are combining the strength of cocaine and alcohol. But these people are either not aware of the health consequences of the substances or prefer to overlook the health hazards for the pleasure that they obtain. Such individuals are not aware that the combination of alcohol and cocaine leaves an extremely toxic chemical substance known as cocaethylene in the body, particularly in liver.

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Cocaine and alcohol are two separate toxic substances which after combining become strengthened and leave cocaethylene in the body which is the product of the two substances. This combination can be extremely fatal as it does not only have its influence on the liver but may also lead to heart attacks, especially in case of people who are under the age of 40. Even people who suffer and survive heart attacks resulted from the intake of alcohol and cocaine, may have to undergo heart surgery or other surgical treatments. Though the combination of cocaine and alcohol is used to get increased euphoric effects it also leads to problems such as palpitation which can be worsen due to extreme exercises or extensive sports activities.

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People taking cocaine and alcohol in combination are also found responsible for increased sexual crime and immorality, as well as they turn violent while they indulge in such sexual activities. The combination also has some adverse psychological effects as it may make a person feel angry, irritated etc and that is why high rate of violence is recorded. It is also believed that taking cocaine and alcohol also increases the risk of strokes, which is another serious health condition.

The addiction to the combination can be treated by consulting a certified health care practitioner or enrolling for specialized programs. Since, both the substances alcohol and cocaine are categorized as hazardous, the combination is even worse. Hence, it is essential for those who take the combination of cocaine and alcohol to give up the habit. Read more about cocaine addiction treatment and alcohol abuse treatment

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