Creatine Muscle Supplement Benefits

Creatine occurs naturally in the human body, it moves from the liver and kidneys and is transmitted into the blood stream for building muscles. Creatine supplements can do two things: build muscle strength and reduce muscle fatigue. There are many body builders who take muscle supplements like creatine to hydrate muscle cells.

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Muscle hydration means absorbing in the muscles to help them grow fuller and larger. Muscle hydration helps in synthesizing protein and stopping the protein from breakdown which can reduce muscle mass.Creatine supplements are taken in powder form. It is recommended to put little creatine to a smoothe in the morning or afternoon. You can also get creatine in pill or tablet form.
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Creatine is an acid produced in the liver that gives energy to the cells in our body,especially the muscles. The liver secretes creatine through three amino acids, glycine, methionine and arginine. Do not confuse creatine with creatinine. Creatinine is the synthesized form of creatine that the kidneys process and release. You can measure creatinine levels through blood tests. High creatinine levels in the kidney indicate dehydration and kidney failure problems.

Top athletes, celebrities who want to show their sculpted bodies and anyone conscious of having a hot looking body with rippling muscles uses creatine, Creatine supplements increase muscle masss and augment athletic performance. Though the benefits are slight, athletes swear by it because even one hundredth of a second difference means a world to them as far as losing or winning is concerned.

Medical research has studied creatine for its possible benefits in muscle-wasting diseases like multiple sclerosis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In mice studies, there is the suggestion that increased supplies of creatine may extend life and help end apoptosis or cell death of muscle cells.

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