Depression Symptoms in Women

Everyone goes through bouts of depression every once in a while. But depression symptoms in women and men are different. Though they both feel the same core symptoms such as depressed mood, sleep disturbances, guilty feeling, appetite changes, and difficulty in concentrating; but men and women have different ways of exhibiting their emotions. This is due to the traditional roles that society had imposed on them. Based on the patriarchal social system, men should always be strong and stand on their own, while women are weaker and more expressive of their emotions.

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According to the National Health Association, almost 12 million women per year become depressed, which is twice the depression rate among men. And women are more susceptible to seasonal affective disorder or SAD, a type of depression that is triggered during fall or winter when the sun does not shine as bright.

Signs and Depression Symptoms in Women

Sadness, feeling empty, anxiety

These are some of the very common depression symptoms in women. They often feel a persistent feeling of loneliness or sadness which makes them feel almost emotionally numb.

Loss of interest

When women lose their interest in most pleasurable activities or find that they are no longer fun, then it could be a sign of depression. Usually their husbands or partners can notice the difference especially with regards to sex.

Emotional outburst

Depressed women are more irritable, angry and more prone to excessive crying due to trivial causes or for no reason at all.


Restlessness or the inability to stay still is one of the depression symptoms in women.

• Self Loathing/self-hatred

Self loathing refers to being too angry at or extreme dislike to oneself. This strong dislike could be about gender, race, actions, nationality, or to own species.

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• Pessimism

Being pessimist is very common among depressed women. They tend to think negatively or adapt a negative attitude towards people and situations regardless if the facts that indicate otherwise. This consistent pessimism would eventually lead to depression.

• Sleep disturbances

Sleeping a lot or too little are also signs of depression.

Appetite change

Women tend to eat more or eat less when depressed; this would depend on how they handle their depression. While many nurture their depression with lots comfort foods, others hardly eat at all.

• Fatigue

Lack of energy and frequent complaints of feeling tired or fatigues is a sign of depression.


The inability to make decisions and concentrate on things is a sign of depression.

Suicidal thoughts

This is one of the most severe symptoms of depression. When a depressed woman manifests or experiences this, she should seek professional help right away.

Physical complaints

Women suffering from depression also usually complain about specific and unexplained pains such as headache, digestive disorder and chronic pain.

Treatment for Depression in Women

Depression in women is treated quite similarly as those of  depression in men. But women usually start off with lower doses compared to men due to their biological differences. Mild depression symptoms in women usually get treated with medication alone; while severe cases need frequent counseling alongside the required medications. When you feel symptoms or signs of depression, talk with someone you trust and seek help from a qualified professional before it runs and ruins your life.

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