Discharge Before Period Starts

Discharge before period is a common occurrence in a woman’s life. Although vaginal secretion before menstruation is relatively normal, it could be a sign of an underlying problem as well. First, let us know what normal vaginal discharge is and discuss the different types of discharge before menstruation and treatment.

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About Normal Female Discharge

Know that all women release little vaginal secretion during their menstrual cycle. The glands within the vagina and cervix secrete little amounts of fluids excreted through the vagina while bringing old cells that lines the uterine wall. Vaginal discharge serves a very important function as it helps in keeping the female reproductive system clean, lubricated and secure from infection and germs. A normal discharge is odorless and milky or transparent in color and may have a thin and sticky appearance. Nonetheless, the consistency and appearance of normal vaginal discharge changes during the menstrual cycle and may even increase in quantity when menstruation is about to begin.

Types of Discharge before Period

There are different types of discharge before menstruation. Let us consider each one of them.

Brown discharge

This is a strong indication that your menstrual cycle is about to start. Even though brown discharge may also occur in between the monthly cycle, they could mean underlying problems as well. For instance, a bleeding polyp results in brown vaginal discharge. Polyps are cell groups found on the vaginal wall. Although they are akin to tumors, most of them are non cancerous. Besides, contraceptive pills can cause the vaginal discharge to become brown, while implantation bleeding is another culprit of getting brown discharge before menstruation. Read about brown discharge during period.

White discharge

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This normally occurs at the start and end of the monthly cycle and is considered as normal discharge. When it appears before the period, the consistency of the fluid is similar to what you can see during ovulation but a little bit sticky and fragile while the amount of fluids may increase some more. However, when white discharge is accompanied by discomforting pain inside and outside the vagina, coupled with soreness and redness, while the consistency is similar to cottage cheese, there could be vaginal infection, mostly yeast infection.

Green or Yellow discharge

This vaginal discharge before menstruation is normally associated with itching and strongly indicates the presence of yeast infection. One of the established causes of this vaginal discharge is bacterial vaginosis and is characterized by a foul smell. Another culprit is cervicitis as in the case of inflamed cervix. Cervical polyps, pelvic inflammatory diseases and sexually transmitted infections (STI) are other possible causes why the vaginal discharge turns yellow or green.

Keep in mind that brown and white vaginal discharge prior to menstruation is normal as long as that they do not come with itching, pain or soreness. Anything that goes beyond what is considered as normal vaginal discharge such as the presence of foul odor, soreness and pain is considered abnormal vaginal discharge.

Treatment for Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

There’s nothing to worry if there is normal vaginal discharge before the menstrual cycle. But when it seems like abnormal discharge, it is best to consult the gynecologist immediately. He or she will conduct diagnostic tests and examinations to figure out the underlying cause and initiate appropriate treatment plan.

Yes, vaginal discharge before period is normal but in some cases it is not and you need to seek immediate medical advice to figure out the underlying cause and start proper treatment.

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