Double Eyelid Surgery-Cost, Before and After, Recovery

Double eyelid surgery is the latest cosmetic procedure employed to enhance the eyes for aesthetic purposes. This is very popular in Asia as many Asians are born without an upper crease on their eyelids rendering the eyes narrow. Having wide set eyes makes one look more mysterious, smoky and attractive. Some individuals though simply want to have double eyelid surgery so they can see well as Some Asians who do not possess upper creases on their eyes have trouble seeing clearly. The most common questions of those interested in the surgery are the procedure’s safety and the cost it entails. We will tackle these things as we go along.

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Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure

The most basic and logical thing to do before deciding on having double eyelid surgery is to discuss the details of the procedure with a qualified and competent surgeon. The interview should also include the patient’s expectations, the reality of the results and the healing period. There are two ways to create a crease on the upper lid. The more advanced method utilizes a special laser and the most common procedure is double eyelid surgery thru sutures.

The procedure for double eyelid surgery starts off with inducing the patient with a sedative or an anesthetic. Then the surgeon will now use the fat grafting method. This is when the surgeon makes small incisions on the excess skin and fats on the eyelids. Since the patient is under anesthesia, he/she would barely feel any pain throughout the operation. Double eyelid surgery takes an average of 2 hours to complete the entire process.

Double Eyelid Surgery Side Effects

The most common side effect the patient will experience after the double eyelid surgery is the swelling of the eyes. This can be managed by applying a cold compress on the eyes for two straight days after the procedure. A number of patients have also reported that they’ve experienced stickiness or drying of their eyes, which can be remedied by using eye drops or ointments prescribed by the surgeon. Bruising of the surroundings of the eye will also appear but will cease after about a week. Pain is mild to moderate and can be managed by oral pain killers, such as Tylenol, prescribed to you by the surgeon.

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Recovery time for Double Eyelid Surgery

Healing of double eyelid surgery takes a long time. Do not be alarmed by what seem to be the results after the surgery. The creases may appear too big or positioned too high but that is just normal. The first 2 days after surgery, you may feel uncomfortable with the swelling of eyes; this is relieved with cold compress. On the 3rd day, it will get better and you are now allowed to wash your face. Five days after the surgery, the sutures will be removed. The swelling and the bruising will slowly disappear after a month, though some recover a little longer. The completion of the healing, wherein the crease would totally look natural, is after 6 months or more.

Double Eyelid surgery cost

The cost of double eyelid surgery ranges from $800 to $2100, depending on the anesthesia used and the professional fee of the surgeon. Being beautiful can be expensive but when it is what you truly desire then be ready to pay the price.

Double Eyelid Surgery Before and After

The above pictures of double eyelid surgery before and after show how this form of cosmetic surgery can be beneficial for the aesthetic appeal of your eyes.

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