Dry lips Causes, Dry Chapped Lips Remedies

Dry, chapped lips is a state of the lips wherein they become dry and cracked due to the absence of moisture on the lips. Oftentimes the lips become dried out because the oil layer responsible for coating the lips and keeping them moist is lacking or removed. The causes of such a condition vary from one person to another but the most common cause is cold weather or atmosphere, especially during winter season.

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Symptoms of dry, chapped lips

The symptoms of chapped lips include dryness of the lips, sometimes reddish and swollen lips, peeling of the upper skin of the lips and small cracks on the lips. Sometimes the lips bleed in between small cracks or when you quickly peel off the chapped skin of the lips. This happens when the lips are extremely dry and when you quickly stretch your lips.

Causes of dry, chapped lips

The causes vary from one person to another. The problem lies on the absence or lack of moisture on the lips which results to very dry lips or chapped lips. Majority of people experiencing lips that are chapped are those located in extremely cold areas but it can also affect people living in tropical areas or places with extreme heat. Heat also dries up the lips although only a few are affected in this kind of weather.

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Other causes include:

• Constant licking of the lips unconsciously

• Using wrong lip balm treatments

Remedies for dry, chapped lips

You can prevent the lips from drying and overcome the development of chapping by the following:

• Keep your lips protected – Secure yourself a lip balm that will keep your lips moisturized, particularly balms that contain beeswax or petrolatum. The role of the balm is like a hat to be worn against the harmful rays of the sun in order to lock in moisture, not drying out the skin. It is best to always carry around with you a lip balm. Beware of balms that contain ingredients that do more damage instead of healing it. Some examples of ingredients that will irritate and dry up the lips are camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. People who are prone to acne should avoid balms containing petrolatum.

• Do not lick your lips – People have the unconscious habit of licking the lips. The rumor of making the lips moist by licking your lips all the time is false – instead it will dry up the lips. This is because of the acid present in the saliva that sucks up the moisture of the lips.

• Avoid the sun – The UV rays of the sun can damage the skin of your lips that leads to dryness or worse, cancer. The lips do not contain melanin which makes it prone to skin cancer. When you walk out to the sun apply lip balm beforehand.

• Check your toothpaste – There are some toothpaste brands that cause extreme dryness to the lips. In order to determine if the cause is from the toothpaste, try switching brands and observe any changes.

In order to maintain the moisture and avoid dry, chapped lips, keep a number of lip balms within reach. Keep one in your bag you always use when going out, near the bed or the table you keep using.

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