Dry Skin Rash, Patches

Dry skin rash, patches are skin disorders that are usually caused by either bacterial or fungal infection. They usually appear red and circular or ring like patches that spread on the area of infection. Dry skin rashes and patches feel itchy thus giving the person who has it discomfort and even inconvenience. Dry skin rashes and patches can also be symptoms of some serious diseases. The area on which it is located is very important in determining the diagnosis of a possible disease. It is not really advisable to self diagnose so it is best to see the doctor when dry skin rash, patches appear on the skin.

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Causes of Dry Skin Rash, Patches

The causes of dry skin rash, patches are broad; however, fungal or bacterial causes are the most common ones:

Fungal Infections – Fungal infections on the skin are very common. The rash usually appears as scaly patches on the arms, torso and legs. It would appear red with pustules on the edges of the patch. Fungal infections happen because of poor hygiene. It can be acquired from dirty swimming pools or contaminated water. It should also be known that fungal infections are not contagious between two persons.

Bacterial Infections – The most common bacteria to cause dry skin rash, patches are staphylococcus or the streptococcus bacteria. These bacteria often cause impetigo and occur more commonly in children than in the adults. The rash usually appears bumpy and red topped with white pus and could also be quite painful.

Viral Rashes – Viral rashes include chickenpox and shingles. These types of rashes are highly contagious from person to person. It appears as small circular pinkish bumps which are very itchy. Some people might also develop viral symptoms such as coughing and nausea.

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Other Rashes – Other rashes would include hives that appear fiery red bumps that are very itchy and can be found anywhere in the body. Another type of rash is the heat rash which develops due to skin irritation from excessive sweating on a very hot weather. Heat rash physically looks like a group of pimples that usually occurs on the groins, upper chest and the neck of the individual.

Treatment of Dry Skin Rash, Patches

Treatment is dependent of the cause of the rash. For fungal infections, antifungal creams are prescribed by the doctor such as 1% cotrimazole and 1% terbinafine among others. Bacterial infections should be treated with oral antibiotics and antibacterial creams like mupirocin. Viral rash usually goes away on its own and the treatment given is just to help alleviate itching, swelling or redness. Anti itch creams are usually prescribed by doctors for this kind of dry skin rash, patches. Moisturizing lotions should also be applied on the dry skin rashes in order to prevent it from scarring. Excessive scratching of the affected area should therefore be avoided.

Dry skin rash, patches are very common skin disorders. Some would often disregard it but it is still best to have it checked by a dermatologist or seek medical advice from healthcare professionals.

Dry skin rash pictures

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