Face Exercises-Cheeks, Double Chin, Jowles; Lose Face Fat Naturally

Here are face  exercise for a much younger looking face. These face toning exercises are something anybody can do anytime, anywhere and at no cost at all. It is something you should consider if you want to look your best.

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Many have spent thousands of dollars just to improve their facial features. They undergo different painful surgeries like face lift, brow lift, facial and neck liposuction, eyebag removal and other procedures just to look younger. But there’s an easier way to look 10 times younger, and it is face exercise.

The facial muscles are quite different from your other muscles; they are directly attached to your skin and bones. When the muscle tone starts to loosen up the skin will sag. Many factors can contribute to the early appearance of aging like stress, tension, smoking, sun exposure, poor diet, alcohol and not enough exercises.

Face exercise is the toning up of the muscles around your face and neck area. It relieves tension and stimulates smooth flow of blood circulation. Let your thumb and fingers do the work. Look 10 times younger by doing these daily facial exercises.

Strengthen your scalp:

Place your fingers just above your ears. Using your fingers, raise the skin in an upward motion while holding for 10 counts. Repeat these steps for 10 times.

Strengthen your forehead:

Place your index finger just above your eyes. Pull your eyes down while raising your eyebrows. Repeat these steps 10 times.

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Reduce eye bags:

Place your fingers at both ends of your eyes, keep your eyes open. Push the lower eyelid upward in slow motion. Repeat these steps 20 times.

Exercise your nose

Place your index finger below your nose. Keep it there and do not apply pressure. Stretch your upper lip and repeat these steps for 10 times.

Remove bloats at cheek area

Form an “O” with your mouth. Run your index finger from the corner of your mouth to the corner of your nose. Repeat these steps for 10 times.

Face exercises to strengthen your cheek

Tilt your head back then put your middle fingers at your cheeks. Push them down while smiling. Hold for 10 counts.

Exercise your chin

Position your middle, ring and index finger just right at middle of your chin and lips. While stretching your lower lip toward the inside of your mouth, slowly slide your fingers downward reaching your top chin. Repeat these steps for 10 times.

Face exercises to remove double chin

While sitting or standing straight, slightly lift your face upward. Position your middle finger at the hollow between your neck and chin, apply pressure. With the tip of your tongue, press the back of your front teeth while the back teeth are pressed together. Hold this position for 10 seconds while the increasing the pressure, then release. Repeat these steps for 10 times.

Exercise your neck

While sitting straight, slightly lift your head in an upward position. Relax your lips and keep it close, then extend your lower lip to the top of your upper lip and stretch it as far as it goes. Hold this position for 10 seconds and release. Repeat these steps for 10 times.

Face exercise does not consume a lot of your time and with the right attitude you’ll achieve a young looking face in no time.

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