Finger Joint Pain Treatment, Causes

Finger joint pain causes may be many but the most common reason is arthritis. There is a mistaken belief that finger joint pain affects aged people, only.  Though osteoarthritis may affect the elderly, rheumatoid arthritis can strike at any age, and one of the results can be finger joint pain. Of course, osteoarthritis that causes knee pain, can also affect the fingers.

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Gout can also cause finger joint pain.  It is an inflammatory joint disease that can lead to acute pain and swelling.  It is also a form of arthritis that happens when uric acid crystals begin to form in and around joints area.  This condition may affect finger joints and toe joints commonly besides ankles and other areas.

Did you know about finger joint pain through Raynaud’s Syndrome? Yes,  this condition can lid to a needle pricking and even numbness in the fingers.  The visible symptom of Raynaud’s Syndrome is the skin color changing to white; and then to blue when it becomes numb.  This problem is common with women who stay in cold areas.

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Acute and repetitive injury is also a common cause of finger joint pain swelling. Doing repetitive activities for instance, text messaging or typing frequently, can also lead to finger joint pain. The other examples of repetitive activities that can give stress to fingers include knitting, sewing, embroidery, working on the keyboard etc.

Finger Joint Treatment

For treatment of acute finger joint pain, use ice on the affected area and keep the finger on the elevation. Also if there is pain and swelling, first remove the finger rings, because if the swelling augments, it can be difficult to remove them. To treat the painful, sore finger which is quite severe, you may take an OTC pain killer.  There are also anti-inflammatory ointments that can be applied on the knee joint. You have to also stretch the finger gently twice a day, so that the area can be replenished with blood.

If your finger joint pain sustains for more than a week, it is better to show it to a doctor.  A physiotherapist may also be required to help you with finger exercises to increase blood circulation to the area and make your fingers fit and agile.

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