Finger Pulse Oximeter

The finger pulse oximeter review is important before you choose to buy one. Do you know what the considerations are when shopping around for an oximeter?  This article will teach you just that.  But first, you should know what an oximeter is and for what purpose it is used for.

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What is a finger pulse oximeter?

An oximeter is basically a medical device that measures an individual’s heart rate and blood’s oxygen saturation.  It is called a finger pulse oximeter as it is fastened to the tip of the finger and over the nail.  This device is handheld, portable and relatively small.  It measures the hemoglobin saturation with respect to the normal levels, thus, the values are in percentage.  Aside from that, it also gives the pulse rate of the patient.

How do you choose the right finger pulse oximeter?

The following are some guidelines in buying the suitable finger pulse oximeter for you.

1. What is the type of oximeter that could cater to your requirements?

As there are many types of pulse oximeters, choose one that fits your needs. If you are purchasing it for hospital use, larger models are the norm. If it is for home, personal, sports or fitness use, the handheld fingertip oximeters are more adequate.

2. How much is your budget?

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As there is a wide range of oximeter types, the prices also vary greatly. Different types of oximeters have different features and capabilities. Some may have plethysmograph, colored display or perfusion index, while others do not. Think of what you necessitate from your oximeter. A higher price does not necessarily mean a better device. Your foremost consideration should be the accuracy and reliability of the device.

3. Is it easy to use?

If your purpose in buying is for home or personal use, it is better to choose one that is easy to operate even if you are by yourself. In addition, make sure that the salesperson that assisted you with the purchase explains to you in details and shows you clearly how to operate the device to avoid any hassles when you are on your own.

4. Is it accurate?

To know how accurate the finger pulse oximeter is, test it on yourself. Then have someone take your pulse manually. Compare the values. Likewise, have your oxygen saturation measurements taken and compare with the readings from the device. You can also have a different, accurate device take your vitals and compare the readings with the unit you are planning to buy. Choose the most accurate model you can find.

5. Can you return the finger pulse oximeter in case you find it unsatisfactory?

Before making the purchase, know the terms of returning goods. Make certain that they will give you a full refund if you are not happy with the unit. This way, you can ascertain how accurate and reliable the device is, without wasting precious resource if you find that it is not either.

6. Is it working properly?

When you buy the oximeter from the internet, test it out on yourself as soon as it arrives. Assemble it, and then place your finger on the oximeter. It should display blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings quickly.

7. Confirm the readings you got from the device with your doctor so you can verify whether the levels are still normal.

Choosing the finger pulse oximeter that suits your needs is easy with the steps mentioned above.

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