Flatulence Home Remedy, Upset Stomach Gas Relief

What is flatulence? It is the medical term for passing gas, tooting or farting. There are those who suffer chronic flatulence which can be very embarrassing and causes low self-esteem. But no need to worry though, there is flatulence home remedy in place that one  can do in order to avoid these embarrassing moments.

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What causes flatulence?

This is the emission of a mix of gases that are in the intestines. The gas that is produced from this is from the yeast and symbiotic bacteria found around gastrointestinal tract. Flatus is commonly released from under pressure out of the anus which is accompanied by bad odor and sometimes sounds. Some even cause pain or discomfort because of bloating.

Major cause of flatulence or gas is from the air swallowed into the body. The habit known as aerophagia is the act of swallowing air. The oxygen that is present within the air is inhaled and then absorbed throughout the body although the nitrogen content is pushed to the flatus because it cannot be absorbed properly by the mucous lining.

Other causes are:

• Diet that is rich in fat which creates a large quantity of carbon dioxide

• Constipation or bowel movements that are irregular

• Large consumption of high fiber foods

• The presence of too many bacteria within the intestine

• Irritable bowel syndrome

• Consuming products that has malt extracts

• Fat mal-absorption – this produces light-colored and loose stools which coupled with gas.

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• Digestive disorders such as gastroenteritis

• Metabolic breakdown of proteins and amino acids that contain sulfur within the intestines

• Water and food that are prepared in untidy manner

Flatulence Home Remedy

* Ginger and Garlic – extract the juice from one ginger and one clove of garlic. You can either extract the juice yourself by using some press device or look for some juice made out of ginger and garlic. You can find these kinds of juices either online or at health stores. Mix both juices and then combine it with warm water. This lessens excess flatulence.

* Peppermint – menthol has properties that remove flatulence. If you just ate a meal and think or feel you might have gas, grab some mints and suck on it.

* Baking soda – also known as sodium bicarbonate. Buy them at a local grocery store or at a drug store. Make a mixture of this coupled with water, juice extract of one whole lemon and quarter teaspoon salt then drink it.

* Fennel seeds – they have the same function as the peppermint which makes it a good snack after every meal that can prevent and remedy flatulence. Consume one teaspoon of fennel seeds.

* Dill and honey – mix one drop of oil from dill and a teaspoon of honey. Consume this mixture whenever you feel there is flatulence that will occur.

* Diet – this is another major factor that contributes to the occurrence of flatulence. This does not mean that you need to totally avoid foods that will contribute to reoccurring flatulence. All you need is to adjust your current diet. Each person reacts differently to different foods so take time to observe which foods cause irritation and flatulence to you.

The flatulence home remedy can be done by anyone as long as they commit to it.

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