Flu symptoms in children

Flu also known as influenza, affects the respiratory system in children and adults. Flu in children is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms that are apparent are visible in most cases of ailments that affect children. Flu can be treated easily and the symptoms do disappear in two weeks. But then wrong diagnosis and improper treatment can lead to fatalities.

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Symptoms of flu in children

Flu in children can be confused with common cold. However, flu in children can strike in rapidly and cause a lot of discomfort to the children in the first few days. The symptoms of flu in kids are more serious compared to common cold. Here are some of the signs or symptom of common flu in chidren

• Fever as high as 102 degrees Fahrenheit

• Children can feel tired very easily, there is fatigue which make them retire to the bed more often than needed

• The symptom s last for a week and can cause a lot of health related problems to children include appetite loss, diarrhea, upset stomach, vomiting etc

• Extreme sweating that is followed by chills, shivering and shaking may be experienced by children, especially at the night time or when they are in bed

• Nose congestion, runny nose, shortness of breath are some of the symptoms of children with flu. These breathing problems can hinder the passage of air to the lungs.

• Flu in children can also cause soreness and pain in the muscle, sore throat, aching arms and legs, headaches etc

Causes of flu in children

Flu in children are caused by influenza viruses-Type A, B and C. The Type A and B flu viruses can cause annual epidemics while the type C flu virus can also cause other forms of illnesses in children

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Flu is one of the fastest illnesses that can be spread in a community. For instance, if a child sneezes or coughs, infected droplets are released in the air and surroundings which can go inside the respiratory trace of other children. This can happen in many surroundings and areas that are frequented by children like schools, playgrounds, amusement parks etc. Direct contact with infected materials like desks, spoons etc that are contacted through hand contact can also cause flu in children.

Flu treatment in children

Flu can be escalated to pneumonia, ear infections and sinus problems if not treated properly or in time. One of the best ways to prevent flu in children is by getting vaccinated against flu. In case, the vaccination has not be done and the child is prone to flu, then here are some treatment options that can be exercised

1. Antiviral drugs like Tamiflu can be used to prevent flu infections in children

2. Drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminopeh and various cough syrups can be used to treat fever and cough respectively. Saline nasal drops can also be used to dry the nasal mucus and clear the respiratory tract

3. The doctor may also prescribe aspirin

4. Flu in children can also be treated with home remedies like chicken soup. Chicken soup is light, nutritious and can be an ideal home remedy for cold. Steam from hot shower, methol salves and rubs and plain back rubs can also be very good to fight cold.

As for fever, one should know that it is body’s natural mechanism to reset the body temperature to fight bacteria and viruses. In most children, fevers less than 102 degrees do not necessarily need treatment. But if the child is feeling uncomfortable or if the fever is greater than 102 degrees, it is better to seek a doctor’s advice.

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