Foods rich in Calcium

Calcium is the most important nutrient in our body. We have more calcium stored in our body compared to all other minerals. We need them to keep our bones and teeth strong. But not just that, it is essential for our muscles and our blood vessels too. When calcium level is too low, possible impairments in the nerves and muscles can occur which may lead to muscle spasm, abnormal heartbeat or even cessation of important body functions. It’s a good thing then that there are many sources of calcium; many foods rich in calcium are available anywhere in the market.

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The following are some products rich in Calcium:

Milk Products

• 200 ml glass of Semi Skimmed Milk has 240 mg of calcium

• 200 ml glass of Skimmed Milk has 244 mg of calcium

• 200 ml glass of Whole Milk has 236 mg of calcium

• 300 ml takeaway size of Milkshake has 387 mg of calcium

• 200 ml glass of Soymilk (calcium enriched) has 178 mg of calcium

Yoghurt and Cream Products

• 150 g of Low fat plain yoghurt has 243 mg of calcium

• 150 g of Low fat fruit yoghurt has 210 mg of calcium

• 15 g tablespoon of Single Cream has 13 mg of calcium

• 45 g of Whipped Double Cream has 26 mg of calcium

Cheese Products

• 40 g of Danish Blue has 195 mg of calcium

• 40 g of Edam Cheese has 318 mg of calcium

• 40 g of Feta Cheese has 144 mg of calcium

• 40 g of Camembert Cheese has 94 mg of calcium

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• 40 g medium chunk of Cheddar Cheese has 296 mg of calcium

• 30 g of Cheese spread has 149 mg of calcium

• 112 g small pot size of Cottage Cheese has 142 mg of calcium

• 56 g of Fresh Mozzarella Cheese has 203 mg of calcium

• 30 g of Fresh Parmesan Cheese has 308 mg of calcium


• 85 g of Broiled broccoli has 34 mg of calcium

• 20 g of small bunch size of Raw watercress has 34 mg of calcium

• 95 g of Curly kale has 143 mg of calcium

• 40 g of 8 medium stir fried okra has 88 mg of calcium

• 105 g of 3 tablespoons of Canned red kidney beans has 75 mg of calcium

• 135 g of Baked Beans has 72 mg of calcium


• 19 g of 1 heaped teaspoon of Tahini Paste has 129 mg of calcium

• 26 g of 12 whole Almonds has 62 mg of calcium

• 12 g of 1 tablespoon of Sesame Seeds has 80 mg of calcium


• 100 g of tinned Sardines in oil has 500 mg of calcium

• 80 g of fried Whitebait has 688 mg of calcium

• 100 g of average portion of tinned Salmon has 91 mg of calcium

• 35 g of small jar Fish Paste has 98 mg of calcium

Breads and Grains

• 230 g of plain cooked pasta has 85 mg of calcium

• 180 g of boiled white rice has 32 mg of calcium

• 30 g of slice white bread has 53 mg of calcium


• 160 g of 4 raw and no stone Apricot fruit has 117 mg of calcium

• 220 g of 4 ready to eat Figs has 506 mg of calcium

• 50 g of 2 tablespoon Currants has 47 mg of calcium

• 160 g of peeled Orange fruit has 75 mg of calcium

Daily Calcium requirements

An adult requires at least 800 mg of calcium daily in order to function properly. And as presented above, calcium is not that hard to find as many foods rich in calcium are within easy reach. Elderly people meanwhile need as much as 1,500 mg of calcium everyday to prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis. Eating foods rich in calcium is a good prevention for this disease. Thus, be responsible, love your body and eat healthy, calcium-rich foods.

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