Get a Gym Body without Gym Workout

six pack abs

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Do you want to build your body without going to the gym? Do you want to get a six pack body without hitting the gym. Find out the secrets of having a great body without going to the gym

Fuck the treadmill and start jogging: Sorry to use cuss words in the sub-heading, but what beats me is the fact that people in olden ages had amazing rippling muscles and toned body (without the cardios, remember Conan the Barbarian?). So in place of the treadmill in your local gym, go for a sprint, jog or walk in your neighborhood park. The best thing is that you get fresh air, which will work for respiratory system and take care of sinus problems too

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Have heavy meals before 3’o clock afternoon: The breakfast or the lunch should be the heaviest meal because you will remain active and fresh for the entire day.
Normal push up and Shoulder Push ups: Push-ups are the best way to cut fat and build muscle. Do 10 reps of normal push ups, then quickly after you finish, drop to your knees and do 10 shoulder pushup reps. The difference between the normal push-up and shoulder push up is that in the shoulder pushups, your toes and knees are on the ground and there is a bit of strain when you do that. You may do repetitions based on your personal capacity but make sure you challenge yourself
Body Squats: In the body squats form of exercise, you detach the quadriceps muscles, hamstrings and the gluts. You have to stand with your legs flat apart(shoulder length apart), arms folded and squat down till the legs make a 90 degree angle. If you do not know to balance that well, hold on to something for balance and do body squats against the wall. One key thing to note is that the most important way to get a good body is doing exercises in the right manner`

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